80% of The Best Selling Sneakers of 2021 Are Air Jordans!

by: Cassie
September 10, 2021

80% of The Best Selling Sneakers of 2021 Are Air Jordans!

2021 is about to wrap up. Yes, we still have a little over 3 months. But with the craziness of the holidays and shopping seasons, time will fly. So before we all get caught up finding presents for the whole fam, let’s see what were the best selling sneakers so far in 2021. And what brand will win the Adidas Vs. Nike fight this year.
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Best selling sneakers 2021

First, a few points to clarify before we get down to business:

  1. These numbers are solely based on StockX records.
  2. This post discusses the number of sales, not reselling values & profit.
  3. The numbers were extracted on September 6th, 2021.
  4. At the time of reading this, numbers and ranks might have changed.

2021 Sneaker Stats

80% is a lot!
This percentage says so much about where the sneaker community stands. What’s in and what’s not, what are the classics, and what’s straight on BS. 2021 numbers come to show that no fad or trend can overthrow OGs. And not just OG silhouettes. The best selling sneakers are mostly iconic Jordan colorways with epic backstories. So Jordan history still wins!

Air Jordans have been one of the pillars of the sneaker industry since their debut in 1985. And every year, they prove to be a solid rock for everyone in the game to lean on. Sneaker resellers, collectors, and interested fans. Everyone even remotely related to sneakers, Basketball, or streetwear is into Air Jordans.

Best Selling Sneakers – 2021

Best selling sneakers infographic - StockX

8 out of the top 10 best selling sneakers in 2021 are Air Jordans, and 4 out of 10 are Air Jordan 1 colorways. However, THE best selling sneakers so far are Nike Dunks.

  1. Nike Dunk Low White Black –  59589 Sales
  2. Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull Red53273 Sales
  3. Air Jordan 1 High University Blue 42926 Sales
  4. Jordan 6 Carmine42906 Sales
  5. Air Jordan 11 Low Legend Blue38428 Sales
  6. Adidas Yeezy Slide Pure – 33094 Sales
  7. Air Jordan 1 High Silver – 32834 Sales
  8. Jordan 4 White Oreo32322 Sales
  9. Air Jordan 1 High Shadow 2.031613 Sales
  10. Jordan 1 High Hyper Royal31089 Sales

Are these the best sneakers to resell in 2021? Probably not.

When you’re on the selling side of the transaction, you’re looking to make the most money possible. And so you should flip more exclusive sneakers. Collaborations or kicks like Travis Scott’s Jordans, Yeezy Foam runners, or limited run Dunks like Supreme’s.

Anything other than that, especially in 2021, will give you an average profit. Meaning you’ll need to cop & flip multiple pairs for the whole process to be worth it. 

How Does The Best Selling Sneakers List Include Slides?

Aside from Air Jordans and their obvious domination of the game and our minds, 2021 saw an increase in one of  2020’s obsessions; Yeezy Slides! If you didn’t buy one at retail, you bought one off a reselling site. If you didn’t do that, you copped Slides using a bot, and flipped the heck out of them. And this obsession with Yeezy Slides, although understandable in the light of “work from home” scenarios, it’s gone out of hand!

Like you’d expect a Yeezy 350 to make it to this list, but instead, you get Yeezy slippers. What an interesting shift in consumer behavior after the pandemic.

What to Cop in 2022?

So, we still have some time before we conclude the year and decide what brand and which sneakers are the winners in 2021. But from the looks of it, Air Jordans generally, and Jordan 1s specifically are always a GO TO!

Demand for Jordans is high as ever. And if you’re looking to go with the flow, and provide hungry sneakerheads with EXACTLY what they want, cop Jordans. 

Is it an easy thing to do? Yes!

What will you need to keep up with the game now, and always?

Copping any hyped sneakers or Jordans requires having the right tools:

  1. A sneaker bot nailing every drop possible
  2. Sneaker proxies to suit your sites of interest
  3. Whenever needed, a sneaker server

For more on sneaker botting, check this guide out. Or you can refer to Reddit or Sneaker Twitter for help.