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Yeezy 350 Compact

Yeezy 350 Compact – 350s Are Getting Comfier by the Minute!

Why fix what isn’t broken? We usually tend to think along these lines. But Ye definitely disagrees with this statement. In fact, he’s always looking at interesting things to do with his Yeezy sneakers. If we can call his latest creations anything, it would be out of the box. And Read More

Jordan 1 a ma maniere pair

Jordan 1 A Ma Maniere – Bonjour, Is This Your New Shoe?

From Japan to Paris, to the world, A Ma Maniere proved that fashion comes in one language. And today, we’re gonna talk drip! The new Jordan 1 A Ma Maniere is totally a pair we can get behind. Why? Because it’s not only hype, but it’s really good-looking. So let’s Read More

Sneakers 101 - facts you should know

Sneakers 101 – Facts Every Sneakerhead Should Know!

Welcome, fellow sneaker enthusiasts, to the class you didn’t know you needed until now! Most of you consider themselves real sneakerheads, and today, you’ll put your knowledge to the test. How many of the facts we’ll serve will you get? Let’s find out together with our Sneakers 101 crash course! Read More

How to Wear Sneakers to Work - NSB

Sneakers to Work – A Guide on How to Avoid an HR Run-in!

2022 seems like the year of going back to old habits (to many people’s sadness). So now, you’re gonna have to go back from wearing loungewear and slides to dress codes. But what if we told you we have a solution for you to stay comfy without getting a call Read More

Nike History Full

Nike History – The Story Everyone Should Know by Heart!

Today, our story is bonfire-worthy! From a modest beginning of a dream to a brand the entire world knows, Nike did that. And if you ever wondered how Nike started the sneaker journey, we’re gonna answer that now! From a simple track runner to a massive brand with the biggest Read More

Jordan 1 Craft Handcrafted

Jordan 1 Craft – the Game of Mix and Match at Its Best!

A Jordan 1 to end the year doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, does it? We all know that Jordan Brand always leaves their best drops for the end of the year. Just as the holiday season hits, we all wanna treat ourselves to awesome sneakers and gifts. And Read More

sneakerhead gift ideas christmas

8 Sneakerhead Gift Ideas for a Stylish Holiday Celebration!

December is imminent! And you know what that means. You’re looking for Christmas presents for friends and family. But one of your crew is a sneakerhead and you don’t know what to get them. Well, that’s why we’re here alright? We prepared a list of the best sneakerhead gift ideas Read More

NFT Sneakers - future of sneakers

NFT Sneakers – Is That the Future of the Sneaker Industry?

Today, our topic is multidimensional! From art to gaming to sneakers, NFTs are taking the world by storm. If you still don’t know what that is, read on. And as usual, we always take a particular interest in anything and everything sneakers. So what exactly are NFT sneakers, and how Read More

top 7 rare sneakers

Top 7 Rare Sneakers We Wish We Had in Our Collection!

When we talk sneakers, we know the popular, the classics, and a lot more. But did you ever think about the rare sneakers that exist today? To save you the research, we decided to give you a list of the rarest 7 kicks in the world. Some of ‘em you Read More

jordan 2 releases

Top 4 Reasons You Should Buy the New Air Jordan 2 Drops!

Today, we’re going to go all-in with our sneaker analysis. And the pair we’re analyzing is none other than Air Jordan 2. It’s a silhouette that has an exciting history and future! Although so many people would sleep on these babies, we wanna respectfully disagree. And to prove our point, Read More