supreme box logo hoodie week 16

The Supreme Box Logo Hoodie Is Back with Holiday Goodies!

The Supreme box logo hoodie is a staple in every streetwear fan’s closet. But if you think it’s time for a fresh addition to the rotation… Well, damn right it is! That’s probably not the only thing you’re gonna be shopping for during this week though. That’s because Supreme is Read More

Virgil Abloh - the legacy

Virgil Abloh – A Legacy Full of Art and Broken Boundaries

Today, we’re not gonna talk about a person but a sensation. Virgil Abloh was a visionary and creative mind that left a print wherever he went. So we’re not just gonna talk about sneakers; we’re going to talk impact on and off the sneaker industry. But before we do, we Read More

Jordan 1 Bubble Gum release

Jordan 1 Bubble Gum – A Shoe’s Worst Enemy Becomes One!

Who hasn’t lost their sh*t at some point after stepping on fresh gum? We know we did! It’s basically nightmare material. But leave it to Jordan Brand to take something like that and make it a colorway! Don’t get us wrong, the end result is pretty lit and we’d never Read More

Yeezy 350 Blue Tint

Yeezy 350 Blue Tint – Is It the Restock of the Season?

We probably said this about every exciting sneaker release in these past couple of weeks, but this is it! This is the release we should really end our 2021 sneaker shopping with. I mean, who wouldn’t want a piece of Yeezy history with them? So, apparently, our wishes are commands Read More

Ugly Sneakers top 6

Ugly Sneakers Are Still a Thing, And We’re Taking a Pick!

2021 is at its end, and we still can’t get over some of the kicks we saw. Some stayed trending for much, and we mean much, more than anyone expected. But well, with everything happening in the world, we shouldn’t be surprised that ugly sneakers are popular. Did you even Read More

December Yeezys 2021

December Yeezys This Year Come with Some Nostalgia!

Ho ho ho! Tis the season to be jolly because we’re getting some seriously merry sneaker drops! From the really cool Jordan 1 A Ma Maniere and AJ1 Handcrafted to December Yeezys, we got it all. So let’s check out what Ye has in store for us this holiday season! Read More

Yeezy boots

Adidas Yeezy Boots – The Talk We’re Invested in Today!

Today, we’re gonna talk about the shadiest Yeezys that we love to criticize! Yeezy boots are usually the silhouettes that we love the least, but some are maybe a bit underrated. So how about we go through them one by one and rank them? Especially with all the latest releases, Read More

Yeezy 350 Compact

Yeezy 350 Compact – 350s Are Getting Comfier by the Minute!

Why fix what isn’t broken? We usually tend to think along these lines. But Ye definitely disagrees with this statement. In fact, he’s always looking at interesting things to do with his Yeezy sneakers. If we can call his latest creations anything, it would be out of the box. And Read More

Jordan 1 a ma maniere pair

Jordan 1 A Ma Maniere – Bonjour, Is This Your New Shoe?

From Japan to Paris, to the world, A Ma Maniere proved that fashion comes in one language. And today, we’re gonna talk drip! The new Jordan 1 A Ma Maniere is totally a pair we can get behind. Why? Because it’s not only hype, but it’s really good-looking. So let’s Read More

Sneakers 101 - facts you should know

Sneakers 101 – Facts Every Sneakerhead Should Know!

Welcome, fellow sneaker enthusiasts, to the class you didn’t know you needed until now! Most of you consider themselves real sneakerheads, and today, you’ll put your knowledge to the test. How many of the facts we’ll serve will you get? Let’s find out together with our Sneakers 101 crash course! Read More