Yeezy Restock Day

The Hectic Yeezy Restock Day: 14 Hours Non-Stop

Sneaker release has never been so mysterious. It seems that Mr. West has not finished surprising us this year with his new stocking and release strategy. We already mentioned that Kanye is adopting a new strategy to boost the hype on Yeezys and Yeezy prices after his declaration a couple Read More

Nike Swoosh Logo

What’s Happening To The Nike Swoosh?

When It All Began The all-time Nike swoosh along with the slogan “Just Do It” has undergone a series of changes with time to become the iconic logo we see today. The Nike swoosh we see today is not the initial swoosh that was created. Starting from the 1970s, when Read More

Travis Scott Air Jordan Logo

Travis Scott’s Huge Collaborations This Year

How hype is the Cactus Jack? Don’t get me started! Adding to the major success in the music world; the Astroworld album and the greatest hit “Sicko Mode”; he also has a wide series of successful collaborations in the sneakers world. The most recent one was the collaboration with the Jordan Read More

Kyrie and SpongeBob

More Nike Collaborations But This Time It’s Kyrie x SpongeBob

Kyrie x Nike Collections Just when we think that sneakers copping couldn’t get more exciting this summer, Nike decides to release a Kyrie collection in collaboration with the iconic SpongeBob SquarePants. The NBA Superstar decided that it’s finally time for the SquarePants to show up on Nike kicks, and it’s not just Read More

The future of sneaker reselllers

How The Future Looks For Sneaker Resellers

Forget the extra cash on the side, and let’s talk big money. The kind that would make you leave your job and end up selling sneakers for a living. This is very much possible as the sneaker industry is evolving quickly especially in the past 5 years and it is Read More

Yeezy Boosts Collection

Which Yeezy Boosts Are Killing It This Season?

It’s lit this summer, with a plethora of Yeezys released this season. The Yeezy empire surely seems to be getting back on its feet with Kanye putting effort to regrow the presence of  Yeezy in the sneaker industry.  And Yeezus was able to turn billions of dollars in debt into Read More

How to wear Jordans

How To Wear Jordans and Flex Them Right?

If you know a thing or two about Air Jordans, then you know that Jordans are much more than just sneakers for more than 30 years ago. They’re basketball shoes, fashionable sneakers, and good reselling sneakers.   Cop To Flip Jordan Sneakers: 5 Goals For Jordan Heads If you’re lucky enough Read More

Air Jordan 1 Defiant Tour Yellow

How To Cop The Next  Air Jordan 1 Defiant 

Is it possible that we would see Air Jordans without the iconic swoosh branding? I’m sure a thought like this crossed your Jordan head mind before.  This is one of the best looking Panda vibe Air Jordan 1 but with a distinguished swoosh design. It also seems to be greatly Read More

Michael Jordan sneakers

Cop To Flip Jordan Sneakers: 5 Goals For Jordan Heads

The Start Teaming up in 1984, Nike; struggling at that time; and NBA player Michael Jordan joined forces to create what is known today as the most iconic brand, the Jordan Brand. The brand was at its peak with a new sneaker released every season until the legendary Michael really Read More

Travis Scott Air Jordan 6 - 2019

The Travis Scott Air Jordan 6: 2019 Slated Summer Look

We all wait for the next Air Jordan to drop, so how about if the next Jordan is in collaboration with the Houston rapper, Travis Scott. We’ve seen how sneaker collabs have been spicing up our spring and summer collections, especially with the successful Travis Scott Air Jordan 1. Great Read More