where to buy sneakers and sell NSB

Where to Buy Sneakers… and Resell Them Real Fast!

The first question every sneakerhead and wannabe reseller should ask is: Where to buy sneakers? Because when you know where to buy your kicks, it’s easy to know where to sell them. So whether you’re in it for the flex or the flip, knowing your shopping options is a great Read More

Nike bot protection NSB

Nike Bot Protection – A Sneaker Botter’s Worst Nightmare!

We’re about to get real, real quick. Now imagine this: You got your bot ready with the right setup for the big drop you’re waiting for. And when drop day arrives, Nike ends up blocking all your attempts because of the Nike bot protection! Saddest short story ever, right? But Read More

Nike adidas production decrease

No More Kicks to Cop – Nike & Adidas Production Drop

Hey! You’re here. Not making any assumptions, and this is a prejudice-free zone, but we sense you’re either a sneaker fan, collector, or reseller. No matter where you are on the sneakerhead scale, welcome! So, you may or may not have heard, but we’ll brief you anyways. Nike and Adidas Read More

Adidas Crazy Line NSB

Adidas Crazy – The Short Kobe Bryant Legacy Is Back!

When we think of the Black Mamba Kobe Bryant, we immediately think of his Nike endorsement. And that definitely has its merits since the Nike Kobe line was one of the best performance kicks. But before Kobe inked a deal with Nike, there was Adidas. And despite being a very Read More

Nike 50th Anniversary Auction – Sneakers for the Books!

It’s already been 50 years of Swoosh. The sportswear giant started out as a humble dream of a coach and his student! And obviously, that dream grew bigger, and it’s still growing today. So, to celebrate the Nike 50th anniversary, Sotheby’s is hosting a huge auction. Although we’re no strangers Read More

Jordan Championship Shoes NSB

Jordan Championship Shoes – The Kicks He Won Rings In!

If you have basic basketball knowledge, then Michael Jordan is probably a name you know. And if you have basic sneaker knowledge, then Air Jordan is definitely a name you know! So today, we’re gonna mix these two industries together (as we should), and have an important discussion. What Air Read More

Moldy Jordans Lost and Found

Moldy Jordans – We Didn’t Mean That Kind of Vintage…

When we said we like vintage kicks, we really didn’t mean that literally. And when everyone was trying to get their hands on the Lost and Found 1s, a lot could’ve gone wrong. From order declines to not getting into the raffle and more, the obstacles are there. But imagine Read More

New Balance Rainier ALD NSB

New Balance Rainier Aime Leon Dore – Gotta Hike in Style!

Today, our sneakers climbed their way up Mt. Everest and came back, all in style. Seeing their first light in the 80s, the New Balance Rainier is a pretty cool outdoor shoe. And now, Aimé Leon Dore is bringing the silhouette back while leaving its own touch there. So let’s Read More

Adidas Size Guide NSB

Adidas Size Guide – Your Favorite Silhouettes in One Place!

With Adidas Yeezy becoming a thing of the past, all eyes are on Nike. However, Adidas has some classic gems that we all either had, have, or wanna have in our collection. But before you go out and start buying the kicks, you’ll wanna know how each silhouette fits. That’s Read More

Reddit NFT Cryptosnoos NSB

The Reddit NFT CryptoSnoos Are Just the Cutest Thing Ever!

Somewhere on the world wide web, there is a website and an app. That app is all about discussions, memes, controversial opinions, technology, and much more. You don’t need to be an influencer or a celebrity to have a voice there. In fact, anonymity is key on Reddit! And when Read More