Yeezy Mono Pack 2021

The New Yeezy Mono Pack Is A Fresh Take on the 350s!

2021 is the gift that keeps on giving amazing sneakers! And Kanye West, despite all the divorce drama, won’t leave his fans hanging to dry. This time though, we’re not getting just any Yeezys, we’re actually getting a full revamp! The new Yeezy Mono pack brings a breath of fresh Read More

how much do sneaker bots cost

How Much Do Sneaker Bots Cost? Save Your Cash & Choose Well!

Okay so, we covered many bases in the botting industry! From why you need sneaker bots to where to get them, we got it all. We also rounded up the best bots of 2021! However, we didn’t discuss the economic part of bots. Do you know how much do sneaker bots Read More

best proxies for yeezys

Best Proxies for Yeezys – Cop ‘Em With Your Mind at Ease!

Getting a sneaker bot is no simple feat. But once you know what the best sneaker bots are, it’s relatively easy to buy one! However, you’ll need the matching accessories for a successful cop. Mainly, you’ll need some really good sneaker proxies. But if you really wanna nail the release Read More

New Jordan 1 Fusion Red colorway

Jordan 1 Fusion Red – Catching Some of Miami’s Summer Heat!

Summer already started and we’re ready to fully embrace it! From interesting Yeezy releases to our favorite summer Air Jordan lineup, we can barely keep up. But every now and then you get a pair that you can’t take your eyes off of. And you know when poppin’ colors are Read More

Union Air Jordan 4 Tent and Trail

Union Air Jordan 4 Comes Back With a Tent and Trail!

Less than a year apart, and the hype is as strong as ever. We know that Union Los Angeles and Air Jordan have a rich history. From their iconic Air Jordan 1s to last year’s AJ4, we can’t help but love everything they put out! And in 2021, the Union Read More

Sneaker Storage 2021

Sneaker Storage – Tips ‘n’ Tricks to Store Your Kicks!

Sneakerheads are sneaker collectors, and a sneaker collection needs care. And after going through all the hassle of getting a sneaker bot and fighting for dear life for that pair? You’ll totally want to extend them sneakers’ life! That’s why today, we’re gonna tell you everything you need to know Read More

Supreme Nike Shoes Ranked

Supreme Nike Shoes Ranked From the Yay to the Nay!

It’s 2021, and we got new Supreme Nike shoes this season. And with Supreme Italy actually becoming a legit store, Supreme has been getting busy! That’s why we decided to do a full rundown of our favorite Supreme Nike collabs. Although some go hand in hand with resale, we’ll be Read More

Yeezy 700 v1 enflame amber 2021

Yeezy 700 V1 Enflame Amber Is Scorching Hot in June 2021!

June never looked this promising! And a new Yeezy 700 V1 is certainly the right way to start it. Just in time for the hottest season, in literal and sneaker terms, we need hot kicks! The upcoming Yeezy 700 V1 Enflame Amber is just that. So let’s check out what’s Read More

what are sneaker proxies

What Are Sneaker Proxies – The Million Dollar Question!

You probably know where to get a sneaker bot by now, and you need to complete the package! What help is a sneaker bot without sneaker proxies to go with it? The whole point of running a sneaker bot is getting that exclusive drop, preferably multiple times. And trust me, Read More

Sneakers News 2021: The Most Disappointing Year So Far?

We’re almost halfway through 2021, so that calls for a recap, don’t you think? When the year started, we were all feeling that buzz of excitement for new hype kicks. Even Complex lit the discussions up with their “highly-anticipated kicks” list. The prospect of new sneakers is always enough to Read More