what is NSB - history

What Is NSB? An Intro to Your Soon-to-Be Favorite Bot!

The sneaker industry, as we all know by now, grew to become a major part of the fashion industry. And when something grows, so does competition in it. And we know how competitive we can all get on drop day. Nobody wants to take an L, especially on items they’ve Read More

Jordan 1 rebellionaire

Jordan 1 Rebellionaire – From a Rebel to a Billionaire!

This week is all about defying the rules! We’re always looking for hot sneakers to flex, flip, or collect. And we are proud to announce that we found our next shopping item, and probably yours! So we all know how Jordan Brand capitalizes on the stories, and they do it Read More

Air Max 2021 Revival Nike

Air Max 2021 – Nike Shenanigans and Major Comebacks!

We said it once and we’ll say it again: 2021 is full of surprises! And the surprise comes in the shape of the Air Max 2021 releases. So the sneaker industry is pretty awesome, especially if you closely follow the trends that come and go. From bulky dad shoes to Read More

red yeezys - foam runner vermillion

Red Yeezys Are Totally the Coolest Kicks of Fall/Winter ‘21!

Colors are tricky things, especially when it comes to sneakers. When you go for a popping color, there’s a thin line between looking awesome and tacky. However, Kanye has absolutely no idea that this line exists and keeps on blessing us with creative colorways. And this time, the kicks we’re Read More

Nike Dunk High vs Low

Nike Dunk High vs Low – The Battle of the Greats!

Well hello there! Today, we’ve got one of the greatest face-offs we could ever do. If you’re an OG sneakerhead, then you’ll be as excited as we are about this. So back in 1985, Nike and Peter Moore blessed us with the amazing Nike Dunk High. But that’s barely the Read More

Nike Air Ship 2021

Nike Air Ship – Most Valuable Pair of Kicks in 2021?

Sneakers are a huge part of our culture, and they’ve been like that for decades now. And it usually starts somewhere, right? Well today, we’re gonna jump right into the past and check out where it all started for so many sneakerheads. It was right before the Air Jordan mega-takeover, Read More

Supreme Shrek week 8 fw21

Supreme Shrek – Week 8 of FW21 Is a Little Ogre-ish!

Week 8 is imminent, and so is more Shrek merch! Let’s be honest, Shrek became a core component of the meme culture. And we totally dig some ogre-ly merch. So if you missed out on FW21 week 1’s Supreme Shrek tee, the NY brand gotchu. But that’s not all we’re Read More

Yeezy Sneakers History guide

Yeezy Sneakers – The Full History and Only Guide You Need!

The years are going by, so many things change, and yet the sneaker industry is standing strong. It started out with athletes and endorsements like Air Jordan. Then, it slowly grew to become an essential part of our everyday lives. But if a brand wants to reach the biggest base Read More

Yeezy MX Oat 350

Yeezy MX Oat 350s – This Silhouette Keeps Getting Better!

The world needs more Yeezy 350s, and that’s a fact. Luckily, Kanye is also aware of that, and he’s keeping them kicks coming! Naturally, you gotta keep it fresh if you wanna keep a sneaker line going. So the Yeezy 350 silhouette has technically the widest range of colorways and Read More

New Jordan 14 Winterized

The New Jordan 14 Puts on Winter Clothes This Season!

It’s already the fall season! And you know what that means. Tis the season to go shopping! Sneaker brands always make sure to drop their top-tier releases during the holiday season. And honestly? We’ll bite into that every time. Did you check out what the Jordan holiday lineup has to Read More