Michael Jordan sneakers

Cop To Flip Jordan Sneakers: 5 Goals For Jordan Heads

The Start Teaming up in 1984, Nike; struggling at that time; and NBA player Michael Jordan joined forces to create what is known today as the most iconic brand, the Jordan Brand. The brand was at its peak with a new sneaker released every season until the legendary Michael really Read More

Travis Scott Air Jordan 6 - 2019

The Travis Scott Air Jordan 6: 2019 Slated Summer Look

We all wait for the next Air Jordan to drop, so how about if the next Jordan is in collaboration with the Houston rapper, Travis Scott. We’ve seen how sneaker collabs have been spicing up our spring and summer collections, especially with the successful Travis Scott Air Jordan 1. Great Read More

Sneaker Updates

The Latest Sneaker Updates For This Year (2019)

The Sneaker Market The sneakerhead community is continuously growing with sneakers shifting from the traditional running track use to the runway style. The transition was a slow but gradual one and the collections/colorways today range from retro to tech sneakers. The market has reached a peak that will certainly not Read More

Sneaker Reselling -

5 Benefits You Didn’t Know About Sneaker Reselling

No doubt the sneaker reselling business has become more common. It’s a very profitable hidden sneaker market which has grown to be currently valued at $1.2 billion in the economy according to Forbes. Many might call it a mere obsession, but sneaker reselling is a profound business with a whole Read More

Off-white Nike Air Force 1-NSB

Off-White Nike Air Force 1 “MCA” Copping

With Virgil Abloh’s Italian fashion brand being one of the most controversial fashion labels since 2012, the Off-White Nike Air Force 1 MCA is one of the most controversial sneakers this June. It was spotted on Virgil’s feet himself last year. It looks like Virgil wants to end his collaboration Read More

Clean your sneakers- Air Jordan1 Triple Whie

3 Tricks To Keep Sneakers Fresh And Spotless

From regular sneaker fans to real sneakerheads, we all love having a fresh pair of clean sneakers, especially if we raced time to cop them. But sometimes they’re bound to get worn out, dirty or scuffed and being the best environment for odor-causing bacteria and fungi every single time you Read More

Question about a sneakerhead

Never Hit A Sneakerhead With These 5 Questions

Each sneakerhead shoe is very special and unique to its owner. If you’re new to the sneaker world, then you might not already know that you just can’t hit sneakerheads with any question that pops up in your mind. Sneakerheads are not people who just go out and buy the Read More

Online Sneaker Reseller

Who Should Start A Sneaker Reselling Business?

  According to the grand view research, the global athletic footwear market size is expected to reach $95.14 billion by 2025. But not every sneakerhead is in it for the same reason. While some are fond of flicking their kicks, others are interested in reselling them. The sneaker reselling market is Read More

Supreme Collab- Nike Air Max 95

The Luxurious Nike Air Max 95 Dropping Soon

Swarovski, the world-renowned crystal brand for more than 20 years, has sparkled its collaborations and partnerships with designers, couturiers, architects, celebrities like Michael Jackson, and fashion houses like Christian Dior, Chanel, Prada, and Alexander McQueen. What’s special about Swarovski is that its jewelry and gemstones become part of a truly Read More

A Sneaker Bot To Cop Sneakers

How To Cop Sneakers The Smart Way?

With the smart technology finding its way into every field, it is about time that we, as sneakerheads, start using smart copping in the sneakers world too. We all know by now that manual copping is crazy and relying on it to grow your sneaker reselling business is insane. When Read More