Clone X RTFKT Air Force 1

RTFKT Air Force 1 – Dominating the Phygital Future?

The metaverse is seriously giving us a glimpse of what the future holds. And one of the strongest players we saw growing stronger on the market is RTFKT studios. Yep, it’s the same studio that Nike acquired in 2021. Now, the sneaker industry is as booming as ever, but NFTs Read More

types of nfts

10 Types of NFTs to Know About Before You Put Your Money In!

The NFT industry is up and kicking! And whether you’re in it for fun, profit, or just the heck of it, you’ll wanna read this. We all have different interests, and NFTs seem to cater to all of them! So no matter your hobbies or interests, you’ll find something for Read More

Supreme blazer fw22

Supreme Blazer Is Coming All the Way from 2006 to FW22!

Supreme FW22 is already on Week 2, and we’re ready for where things are going! Now, we already had today’s discussion here, but it all was speculation and rumors. But we’ll be lying if we said that we’re not happy that this rumor turned out to be real! Anyway, we’re Read More


NBA Top Shot NFTs Are Dunking Their Way Into Our Wallets!

Welcome back to another NFT collection discussion! Today’s topic is the very cool NBA Top Shot project which will appeal to both NFT and basketball fans. If you’re looking for a way to keep memorabilia of your favorite players without worrying about conserving it, that’s it! Here’s everything you need Read More

new balance 2002r protection pack

So… Can We Talk About the New Balance 2002R Protection Pack?

We all know how New Balance made a spectacular entrance into the hype sneaker scene. From epic collabs to runway appearances, the industry certainly loved every moment of it! But the biggest comeback has been for the NB 2002R. This silhouette certainly gives off 2000s vibes, and we’re all here Read More

Jordan September release lineup NSB

2022 Jordan September Release Lineup – As Cool As Fall Mist!

Can you smell that? It smells like fresh kicks and light autumn rains! Obviously, September is the month of change. Trees start to shed their leaves, vacations are over, and new sneakers are imminent! And the Air Jordan September release calendar is everything but boring peeps. Whether you’re into OG Read More

Jordan 1 Triple White Low 2022

Jordan 1 Triple White Low – Nothing Beats Good Ol’ Basics!

Okay, if you’re a Jordan fan, then you probably already divided your sneaker collection into different categories. You have grails to flex, beaters for everyday outings, and of course a batch to flip for side cash! And today’s Jordan 1 Triple White Low fits in at least 2 categories, depending Read More

ways to use NFTs

Weird Ways to Use NFTs – Not Your Usual NFT Utility!

If you’ve been following the world of NFTs closer, then you probably know the levels of creativity we’re reaching. There’s absolutely no shame in cashing out on stuff you’re good at, even digitally. Today, we’re not gonna check out normal NFT utility because most of us are already familiar. However, Read More

A Ma maniere Air ship game royal

A Ma Maniere Air Ship – Coming From the Dark to the Light!

If we know anything about A Ma Maniere as a brand, it’s that they chase stories, not hype. But what if the collab they’re doing is a healthy mix of hype and story? Well, then, we’ve got a keeper on our hands! So in 2022, AMM is digging through the Read More

custom yeezys

Sooo… Custom Yeezys Are Unofficially a Thing for Fans Now?

Just when we thought the era of customizable sneakers ended, we get an interesting surprise! Did you ever consider owning custom Yeezys? Well, if you didn’t before today, you certainly will now. So, will you get your own custom kicks if you had the chance? Let’s find out what went Read More