Supreme Camera TNF 2021

A Supreme Camera and TNF Apparel Make Dreams Come True!

A pretty cool Supreme week is all we need to change our mood, and this week is it! Craving some outdoorsy time? Week 5 got all you need for some backpacking and camping in the open air. Although it’s hard to top the Supreme Dunks collab of this season, there’s Read More

Where are nike shoes made

Where Are Nike Shoes Made in 2021? Know What You Buy!

If you’re a sneakerhead in 2021, then you probably know that the sneaker industry is as big as ever! One of the giants of the industry is Nike. In fact, in 2020, and despite the outbreak of a global pandemic, the Swoosh generated $37 Billion in revenues! And we love Read More

Jordan 1 Brown

Jordan 1 Brown Patina Gives Off An Air of Antiquity!

We love interesting sneakers, for real. But what about the colors that nobody usually pays attention to? Well luckily, Jordan Brand keeps all the colors in check. And even though brown wouldn’t strike us as a mind-shattering color, JB managed to make it so! The new Jordan 1 Brown is Read More

Travis Scott Jordan 6 Stormi Birthday

Travis Scott Jordan 6: The Ultimate Stormi Webster Gift!

Update: We finally have a release date after so many teasers! The new Travis Scott Jordan 6 is dropping on the rapper’s birthday: April 30, 2021. It will retail for $250, which is more expensive than the AJ6 usual retail. After all, these are not your average kicks! And if Read More

Jordan 5 Stealth 2021

Straight from 2006: Where to Buy Jordan 5 Stealth 2.0

The 2000s were the years man. Like, THE years. The super oversized pants and dress long tees are the trends we love. Luckily though, we’re getting some of all that swag back, especially in the sneaker industry. We got us some Supreme Dunks, Carmine 6s, and more! So now we’re Read More

Yeezy Ash Pearl

Where to Buy Yeezy Ash Pearl and the New Foam Runner!

It’s always nice to have a new Yeezy in the daily rotation, isn’t it? And when this Yeezy rocks a neutral colorway, you know it’s gonna be your next beater! One you could get creative while styling because Yeezys are always a statement piece. Luckily, two interesting pairs are dropping Read More

Sneaker Collection

How to Start a Sneaker Collection: The A to Z Guide!

So you made it! If you’re reading this, then you probably asked the question we’re here to answer. You’re a sneakerhead and have been into the game for a while but wanna expand your involvement. You probably go through social media and see all the collectors with their sick, sick Read More

Backdoor Shoes

The King of Backdoor Shoes – The Jordan 1 Trophy Room

Scandals are everywhere, even -especially- in the sneaker industry! If you’ve been around since forever, then you probably already know what backdoor shoes are. You also probably know a few backdooring scandals, the most notable one was the Yeezy Frozen Yellow backdooring! But anyway, what passed is past, and new Read More

Jordan 1 University Blue 2021

Jordan 1 University Blue: Always A Tar Heel at Heart!

Michael Jordan is a legendary player, and everything about him naturally becomes under the spotlight. So one of these things is the University of North Carolina which housed lots of prominent people. And just as everyone holds their alma mater at great esteem, Jordan does that too in the best Read More

Adidas Yeezy 450 Cloud white

Yeezy 450: The Dumplings of the Sneaker Industry!

If there’s anything we know about Kanye, it’s that he likes experimenting with new ideas. From weird Yeezy names to alien-like features, we saw it all! Yeezys are a fashion statement like no other. So when we got rumors of a Yeezy 450 in 2018 – or 451 back then Read More