Space Jam Sneakers 2021 New Legacy

Space Jam Sneakers Come Back in a New Look in 2021!

We love us some sneakers with movie inspiration. But when it comes to Space Jam sneakers, we gotta talk about them! Lebron James moved his basketball skills to the big screen and joined hands with the Looney Tunes. But to beat the goons you need a pair of really decent Read More

what are bots - explained

What Are Bots? And Why Should You Care About Them?

Welcome to the world of bots, where everything is binary! Well, that sounds a bit out of a cliché sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? But it’s the reality we’re living in, artificial intelligence is getting smarter by the day! And if you made it here, then you definitely wanna know more Read More

Sneaker Collabs in 2021

Sneaker Collabs – Are They Getting Out of Hand Lately?

I can’t believe what we’re about to discuss, but whenever we’re looking lately, we see a sneaker collaboration. But is that really a bad thing? Well, today we’re gonna talk about how sneaker collabs are affecting the sneaker industry. Positively or negatively. Like will everyone at some point get a Read More

Electro Orange Jordan 1 2021

The New Electro Orange Jordan 1 Is Definitely Worth Your While!

We love colorful summer sneakers. But when the Air Jordan fall lineup brings a lot of killer drops, it’s just like a second summer! I mean, honestly, fall is a second summer for many of us. But there’s always that one pair that pops with its awesome colors or design. Read More

what are browser cookies

Browser Cookies – Why Do We Need Them for Sneaker Botting?

So you’re here, and you got one of the best sneaker bots on the market today. You’re excited about your first test run and watching all kinds of tutorials and guides. However, you come upon the word “cookies” and you immediately think about sweet treats and simple times. But that’s Read More

what are sneaker servers

Sneaker Servers – What Are They and What Do They Do?

So, you got yourself the best sneaker bot you can find on the market! And you remembered to keep some side cash to buy the right sneaker proxies before release day. You’re also connected everywhere and keeping tabs through cook groups and all. In other words, you’re following the cookbook Read More

New Yeezy Foam Runner 2021

The New Yeezy Foam Runner Colorways Will Rock Your World!

Despite the heat, July is a pretty chill sneaker month! Although there are fewer releases than usual, we still have some lit kicks to look out for. And the new Yeezy Foam Runner colorways are certainly on our hype lineup! Now after all the fake Foam Runner lawsuit drama, we Read More

Sneaker Bot Resale Market

Is the Sneaker Bot Resale Market Seriously Booming?

Welcome back to a new discussion about sneaker bots! So yesterday, we talked about sneaker bot rentals and why they’re a good idea. Today, we’ll take it a step further and discuss the whole sneaker bot resale market! Believe it or not, people can start a business out of practically Read More

Sneaker Bot Rental

Sneaker Bot Rental – Here’s Why You Need to Do It!

The sneaker industry is huge, I think we got that out of the way already. However, the botting industry within is growing at a really fast pace. Just a few years ago we wouldn’t be having this discussion fam, and you know it! But times change and so are sneaker Read More

Nike Parra SB Dunk Tokyo Olympics

Nike Parra Dunks and More Lined Up for the Tokyo Olympics!

Summer 2021 is everything we missed in 2020, including the Olympics! And you know when a huge sports event like this happens, there must be some pretty lit sneakers too. This is why Nike is definitely not missing an event like this. In fact, they’re coming full force with some Read More