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where to buy sneakers and sell NSB

Where to Buy Sneakers… and Resell Them Real Fast!

The first question every sneakerhead and wannabe reseller should ask is: Where to buy sneakers? Because when you know where to buy your kicks, it’s easy to know where to sell them. So whether you’re in it for the flex or the flip, knowing your shopping options is a great Read More

Nike bot protection NSB

Nike Bot Protection – A Sneaker Botter’s Worst Nightmare!

We’re about to get real, real quick. Now imagine this: You got your bot ready with the right setup for the big drop you’re waiting for. And when drop day arrives, Nike ends up blocking all your attempts because of the Nike bot protection! Saddest short story ever, right? But Read More

Shopify bots pros cons NSB list

Shopify Bots: The Pros, Cons, and More [2022 Update]

Ahhh the world of sneakers and online retailers. From different sites to different brands, we’re always looking for that grail. And as it happens, many online retailers are actually Shopify sites. So when you’re looking for the best way to cop kicks there, you’re gonna need Shopify bots. But what Read More

nike resale terms of sale NSB

Nike Resale on Hold? What Are Nike Terms of Sale All About?

It’s wild out there man, wild! The sneaker industry is going crazy over everything that’s going down, so let’s recap. Adidas and Kanye are no more, resale values are going up and everyone’s eyes are on Nike. And just when we were thinking about what the best Nike bot is, Read More

best nike bots NSB

Best Nike Bots – How to Ace That Nike SNKRS Drop!

Sneakers, Nike, Yeezys, and more. Welcome back to the sneaker industry, where anything can go down at any given moment! From awesome collabs and sad breakups to heartbreaking exclusive kicks, it’s a great place to be. But every once in a while, some stuff goes down and the whole industry Read More

VPN for sneakers NSB

VPN for Sneakers – Everything to Know Before Investing!

Sneaker botting has come a long way since it became a thing. With retailers staying alert and updating their security measures, bots made sure they were on top of their game. But in addition to a sneaker bot, you need to keep several things in mind. From proxies to servers Read More

NSB Bot - sneaker bot series new

A Sneaker Bot Series [Part 1]: What Is NSB Bot?

The sneaker industry has been around for a very long time now. A lot longer than other equally as profitable niche industries like NFTs. It kinda became a thing in the 80s and 90s, during the Air Jordan era. However, the sneaker botting industry boomed with the dawn of Yeezys. Read More

sneaker bot tasks

How Many Sneaker Bot Tasks Should You Run to Score Kicks?

The sneaker industry is going as strong as ever. Despite radical changes in supply strategies like Nike’s DTC, CDA, and the rise of virtual sneakers, sneakerheads always find ways to cop. And the most effective way to get the kicks you need in your life is by getting a sneaker Read More

what are sneaker proxies

What Are Sneaker Proxies – The Million Dollar Question!

If you’re reading this, then you’re already familiar with the sneaker industry and the competition in it. And if you know what the best sneaker bots are and where to get them, you’ll wanna up your game. A sneaker bot alone can’t pull the white rabbit out of the hat. Read More

best supreme bot list NSB

The Best Supreme Bot Guide to Ace Every Season and Release!

What started back in 1994 as a skateboard shop became one of the biggest streetwear brands around today! And when you’re a big name, the spotlight will become set on you by lots of people in the industry. Naturally, Supreme cashed in on the hype, and people went deeper into Read More