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NSB Bot - sneaker bot series new

A Sneaker Bot Series [Part 1]: What Is NSB Bot?

The sneaker industry has been around for a very long time now. A lot longer than other equally as profitable niche industries like NFTs. It kinda became a thing in the 80s and 90s, during the Air Jordan era. However, the sneaker botting industry boomed with the dawn of Yeezys. Read More

sneaker bot tasks

How Many Sneaker Bot Tasks Should You Run to Score Kicks?

The sneaker industry is going as strong as ever. Despite radical changes in supply strategies like Nike’s DTC, CDA, and the rise of virtual sneakers, sneakerheads always find ways to cop. And the most effective way to get the kicks you need in your life is by getting a sneaker Read More

what are sneaker proxies

What Are Sneaker Proxies – The Million Dollar Question!

If you’re reading this, then you’re already familiar with the sneaker industry and the competition in it. And if you know what the best sneaker bots are and where to get them, you’ll wanna up your game. A sneaker bot alone can’t pull the white rabbit out of the hat. Read More

best supreme bot guide new

The Best Supreme Bot Guide to Ace Every Season and Release!

Seasons come and go, but Supreme keeps on serving heat. And since the hype became a brand staple, every newcomer or even veteran needs help securing drops. But don’t worry, we’re gonna recap the best Supreme Bot list for you! So if you wanna go on a shopping spree, all Read More

Nike SNKRS accounts

Nike SNKRS Accounts – Your Every Nike Drop Essentials!

If you’re a die-hard sneakerhead, then you know the struggle of taking Ls on Nike SNKRS. Kinda leaves a bitter taste in your mouth even after a while. But if you really want something, quitting isn’t an option, thus we got Nike bots. However, winning Nike SNKRS needs more than Read More

best sneaker bots ultimate guide

[Updated] The Best Sneaker Bots Guide – Up for Some Cooking?

Disclaimer: The best sneaker bots guide has been republished in 2022 with all of its content being up-to-date! We know how fast the industry changes and we wanna keep you in the loop! Does it feel like you’re always on the search for the next big thing? The next best Read More

how to buy nfts

How to Buy NFTs – A Sneakerhead’s Guide to Modern Business!

Just like everything in the world, the digital world is growing at a very fast pace! From cryptocurrencies to NFT lately, the world is moving towards everything virtual. Of course, that includes the sneaker industry. Although you can’t do without physical kicks, It’s probably time to start investing in sneaker Read More

fake air yeezy 2 2021

This Fake Air Yeezy 2 Is a New Level of Bootlegging!

In the world of sneakers, you’re just bound to have them fakes every once in a while. And the most famous kicks that people copy in mass are Yeezys. Fake Yeezys are certainly around and getting harder to catch with every step. But one very very obvious knockoff is the Read More

how does nsb work

How Does NSB Work? A Simple Discussion on What Goes on BTS!

Now that you’re introduced to NSB, it’s time to take your botting relationship to the next level. But if you missed out on that, you can still find out what NSB is right here! Today, we’re gonna answer a very important question: How does NSB work? We bet you’re interested Read More

Footsites new

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Footsites

A new Air Jordan is dropping, and you’re pretty new to the industry. Now, you’re checking out where this excellent pair is dropping because you can’t cop sneakers without knowing the where. And you saw the word Footsites. Whether you’re new or a sneaker veteran, you must’ve crossed paths with Read More