A Sneaker Cook Group Is a Must-Have for Every Sneakerhead!

by: Tilda
June 30, 2021

A Sneaker Cook Group Is a Must-Have for Every Sneakerhead!

Have you heard the term “sneaker cook group” before? You must have if you’re a serious sneakerhead. But what is it really? What does it do? And should you invest in one? Today we’re gonna answer these questions and more with this easy sneaker cook group guide! And trust us, if you’re a sneaker reseller in the making, you gotta read on. It’s never a bad idea to stay in the loop, especially in an industry that changes very fast!

what is a sneaker cook group

What’s a Sneaker Cook Group?

A sneaker cook group is a community that you can usually find on Discord. It has everything to do with sneakers! It’s a community that connects sneakerheads and resellers alike. When you’re a member of a sneaker cook group, you benefit from different perks. These perks will totally help you on your sneaker botting/reselling journey. But before you go into the first cook group you bump into, make sure you do your research. Some end up being a scam and don’t provide any real value to what you’re doing.

What Does a Sneaker Cook Group Do?

As we said, when you buy into a sneaker cook group, you’ll get pretty awesome benefits. The main one is the awesome release guides on every sneaker drop. Whether you have a bot or not, these guides will set you on the right track to cop successfully. And let’s not forget that sneaker monitors will help you cop that drop the pair you want! That’s why you see some of the drops sell out before you can open the website.

sneaker cook group - exclusive news

This brings us to another benefit: group buys and giveaways! If you joined a sneaker cook group before owning a bot, it’s totally okay. Cookgroups usually work as a middle man between bot sellers and us peeps. So, if a bot individually costs $1K, you’ll get it for a discounted price through group buys with other people. Kinda like purchasing goods at wholesale price.

On the other hand, you can always benefit from social connections for your reselling business. That way you can flip or buy kicks from trustworthy people within the sneaker cook group. You could also flip your bot if you no longer need it!

How to Get Into a Cook Group

So, there are multiple ways to gain access to a sneaker cook group discord. First off, you can buy a membership to almost any of the CGs. However, you gotta be smart about it and ask around before joining. Some of the best CGs off the top of our heads are AK Chefs, Notify, AM notify, Hidden society, and Endurance. Some of them are OOS, so you gotta wait for a giveaway or a restock.

sneaker cook group discord

Another way to get your hands on a membership is to know people. By now you probably know how far knowing the right people can get you in this game. Like, in an industry when knowing people can get tens of pairs of one of the most exclusive sneakers of the year, you can easily gain access to a sneaker cook group by pulling some strings. So, if you’re a moderator in a Discord server, know an admin in any CG, or got some juicy info to share with a cook group, you’re IN.

bot sneaker cook group

Moreover, all sneaker bots now have their own Discord servers. These servers double up bot-exclusive cook groups where you know how to set up, run, and cop using the bot you bought. Kinda like a crash course tailored around a specific bot. Which is honestly more than enough as a start.

But as your roots grow deeper into sneaker soil, you’ll need more help and a lot more info.  And you’ll need to be a bot owner. The only drawback is that some bots are already out of stock, meaning you can’t even access their Discord servers. So again, you either have to win or know somebody there too. And in case you’re wondering, here are the best sneaker bots of 2021!

Finally, Why Do You Need a Cook Group?

Now that we listed all of these benefits, should you even be asking this question? A sneaker cook group will make your life easier, especially on drop day! Besides, you could always make some pretty deep friendships from around the world. But as always, we’ll say it again, not all cook groups are trustworthy, so look down before you jump! Last but not least, here’s an awesome cooking guide that will cover all the botting bases for you. Godspeed 🔥