Here Are the Best Sneaker Servers to Get Your Game Going!

by: Tilda
July 20, 2021

Here Are the Best Sneaker Servers to Get Your Game Going!

The sneaker botting industry grows by the minute, that much is clear to everyone by now. And when you wanna cop the latest hype sneakers, you’re gonna need more than money. Manual copping will get you nowhere, especially if the release is super exclusive. What you’re gonna need is a complete set of equipment! From the best sneaker bot you can get your hands on to sneaker proxies, we got it all. We also discussed sneaker servers not long ago! So if you wanna know more about them check this out. Today though, we’re gonna get into more specifics and discuss the best sneaker servers for botting!

Best Sneaker Servers for Botting

The Best Sneaker Servers for Your Botting Experience!

If you’re looking for the best sneaker servers, you just got to the right place. We’re going to point you in the right direction and show you the different prices! So better start budgeting right after you read this guide!

Dedicated Servers

Before we introduce the best sneaker servers, we gotta know their different types. Dedicated servers are physical servers. You know, those glass rooms with machines and lots of lights that we see in the movies. When you rent a server, it’s like owning another laptop/PC in a location somewhere in the world. It’s always online for you, and you can rent it on a monthly basis for a predetermined price. To make it simpler, it’s like you’re renting a whole apartment building just for yourself.

Best Sneaker Servers

best sneaker servers - dedicated servers

Cloud Servers

Now, a cloud server is an apartment (or more) in the building we were talking about. Instead of renting the whole device for yourself, you’re just renting a part of it. However, how big this part is a pretty flexible concept. You can turn it on and off and get charged per hourly use. So if you forget the server running, you’ll pay for it. Literally.

Best Server Providers

best sneaker servers - cloud providers

What Are the Best Sneaker Servers for You?

We know that having so many options can be overwhelming. However, it all depends on what you want out of your server. If you just wanna use the server on certain releases, then cloud servers should be your go-to. Buying a whole month’s worth of servers is kinda overkill at this point. But what if you’re always running your bot or need the server for long amounts of time? You’ll be breaking the bank paying hourly fees, so we recommend renting a monthly dedicated server. See? It’s as simple as that!

Now, if you’re wondering what the best sneaker servers providers are the best for you, then it’s a matter of personal preference. What works for your budget/plan might not work for someone else. And as always, perfecting the sneaker botting game is a process of trial and error. Just make sure you always stay in the loop. And usually, your sneaker bot’s cook group could be pretty helpful. After all, the community could be a major source of help! Godspeed 🔥