What Are Sneaker Proxies – The Million Dollar Question!

by: Tilda
May 28, 2021

What Are Sneaker Proxies – The Million Dollar Question!

You probably know where to get a sneaker bot by now, and you need to complete the package! What help is a sneaker bot without sneaker proxies to go with it? The whole point of running a sneaker bot is getting that exclusive drop, preferably multiple times. And trust me, you’re gonna need the sneaker proxies to do that. So, if you’re new to the industry and wanna know what happens beyond running your bot, read on! Now, for the million-dollar question: What are sneaker proxies?

However, if you’re looking for sneaker proxies for a specific site, we also got you fam! Here are:

what are sneaker proxies

A Sneaker Bot Recap to Find Out What Are Sneaker Proxies!

The world is evolving, and so is everything in it, especially the sneaker industry. If you wanna get that pair of kicks, you don’t have to wait at the door of a physical store anymore. Instead, you’ll be lining up at the homepage of the virtual sellers! But unfortunately, these stores won’t let you take more than one pair. That’s when you’ll need a sneaker bot to do the job! A sneaker bot will go into the store and try to get you as many pairs as it can. It does all that while looking as human as possible too!

However, a sneaker bot runs on a certain device, and each device has an IP address. The IP address is something like a human’s fingerprint, each device has a unique one. So when the store detects that this IP is trying again for the same shoes, it’ll ban it! What’s the solution then? Sneaker proxies.

What Are Sneaker Proxies?

You may have heard of proxies before in many settings. Gaming, mining, web crawling, web scraping, and shopping are all areas where proxies could be used. The latter case is what interests us the most. Proxies, generally speaking, are a sort of  IP address you use to surf the web. They replace your own IP address so you get to have a lil’ more privacy browsing.

what are proxies and IP

But what privacy would I need when buying sneakers online?

In the case of sneaker copping, proxies aren’t really for privacy, they’re more about the opportunity. Sneaker releases are getting harder to cop, and sneaker sites have the 1 pair per buyer rule. Therefore, buying exclusive valuable sneakers online is only possible using sneaker proxies. 

What Do They Do?

Sneaker proxies are like this disguise that will allow you to go and get a pair of kicks multiple times. They hide your actual IP address and can give you as many other IPs/proxies as you need. For a price, of course.

That way, sneaker sites you’re buying from, won’t know you’re getting in multiple times. In other words, you go in the first time as John Doe, the second as Johnny Doeitz, etc… The rest is history. You could be in the US and your fake IP address makes you look like you’re in the EU!

what are sneaker proxies - IP masks

So if you’re still wondering what are sneaker proxies, read on. What we’re trying to say is that it’s mental to run a bot without sneaker proxies. Imagine somebody running up to 100 tasks on one website from one IP address. Sounds sus doesn’t it? A task is any move you make on a website. Therefore, you’re gonna need lots of them to get to check out.

What Are Sneaker Proxies – Different Types

Now that you know what sneaker proxies are, you need to differentiate them from each other! There are several types of sneaker proxies that you can choose from. Some can also work better than others on certain websites. Let’s check them out one by one!

Residential Proxies

Just like the name suggests, residential proxies are IP addresses that come from a residential area. A real residence somewhere in this world. That way, a website hypothetically, can’t tell whether you’re using a bot or not! The downside of residential proxies is that they’re usually slower than other options. You can measure the speed of a proxy by their ping in milliseconds. When the ping is high, the proxy is slow. They’re a great alternative for sites with a high risk of bans though, and if you’re not in a rush.

Best Sites: Nike SNKRS

what are residential proxies

DC Proxies (Data Center)

What are proxies that we call DC? They simply don’t come from an ISP. Instead, they come from a secondary provider. Usually, DC proxies are pretty fast but prone to bans. In other words, because these proxies don’t point to residential places, they’re easier to find. You’ll probably be copping from your house like a normal human being, won’t you? Well, if that’s what sites will be thinking, so you’ll get banned if you don’t have these criteria. Anyway, we recommend using DC proxies on sites that sell out really fast. That’s when you should favor speed over anything else!

Best Sites: Adidas, YeezySupply, Supreme

what are DC proxies

ISP Proxies

Okay so with these, you get the best of both worlds! They give you the authentication you need through internet service providers. However, they have all the qualities we love about DC proxies. So they’re relatively secure with the added perk of being really fast. The only downside of these proxies is that they’re pretty expensive in comparison to the other two.

ISP proxies work well on most sites, even Shopify. Shopify is a bit of a problem and trying to go for DC or residential proxies on it won’t help. DCs will most likely get you a ban, while resis aren’t fast enough. So the solutions are either running one task without proxies or going for ISPs with lots of tasks!

Best Sites: Footsites, JD Sports, Finish Line, Supreme, Shopify

what are sneaker proxies - ISP proxies

Now That You Know What Are Sneaker Proxies…

You should look for good sneaker proxies to use with the best sneaker bot you have in 2021! Just make sure you know where you’re going before paying your savings on the whole setup. Here’s a cooking guide to help you out if you’re new to the game! And if you already copped your first pair of kicks, make sure you know where to flip them. Godspeed 🔥