Looking for the Best Proxies? Here’s THE Guide of Guides!

by: Tilda
August 28, 2021

Looking for the Best Proxies? Here’s THE Guide of Guides!

Okay so, if you got here, then you definitely know your way around the basics. Maybe you even got your first bot! But just in case you haven’t, we have the best sneaker bots of 2021 here. Now the next step before drop day is to stack up the best proxies you can get your hands on. But wait, do you even know what the best proxies are for the websites you’re running your bot on? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore fam, because we’re rounding up everything for you. What a good day to get into sneaker botting, huh?

Best proxies for websites

But First, A Brief Proxy Recap

Did you think we were gonna leave you here to hang dry? Think again! Before you get into the actual part of choosing, you gotta know what sneaker proxies are. Proxies are the virtual mask to your IP. Trying to cop multiple sneakers using just your IP address is just asking for trouble you know. If you wanna read more about what sneaker proxies are, take a look at this fam.

Pro Tip: If you wanna go all the way with your sneaker bot setup, sneaker servers are the way to go. Read this to know more about them.

The Best Proxies Come in Different Types!

Now that you know what they are, we gotta make it clear that proxies come in different types. However, we ain’t gonna go into all the details here! We already covered all of these topics for you individually. That way, you won’t get a brain jam and you can check out each type at your own pace! So, there are three types of proxies that you should learn about:

These are the different types of proxies, but which works best for what? Well, the best proxies for your bot depend on the websites. So let’s get into that!

best datacenter proxies

What Are the Best Proxies for Each Type of Website?

In order to get a grasp on what we’re saying, we gotta break down what sneaker sites are made of. So, we have different types of websites like Footsites, Shopify, Demandware, and more! Each type of site operates differently, thus, the proxies for each site should be different. Anyway, we rounded up the best proxies for each site:

We even decided to help you with the upcoming Supreme season! Here are the best Supreme proxies to cop that bogo you’re eyeing. After all, Supreme is as important to the industry as hype kicks!

To Wrap It All Up!

You can’t think about running a sneaker bot without the right proxies. That’s why you should always do your research before making any purchase. We also recommend checking with your cook group before deciding what the best proxies for you are! You know, knowledge always beats a blind dive. Godspeed 🔥