The Easy Footsites Proxies Guide: How to Cop Like a Pro!

by: Tilda
September 25, 2020

The Easy Footsites Proxies Guide: How to Cop Like a Pro!

So now you know what Footsites are, but still not sure how to go on about your business? No problem! Today, we’re going to check out Footsites proxies, aka an essential part of your copping business. They’re the heart and soul of your botting experience, aside from the sneaker bot itself. Don’t worry though, we’re going to introduce you properly! So by the end of this reading, you’ll be able to tell what proxies are the best for you on a Footsites release!

footsites proxies

What Are Proxies?

When you step foot in the industry, you’re probably in for the money or the exclusive sneakers! (Speaking of which, do you know where they’re made?) However, it’s not as easy as you think it is. Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to get a pair fair and square, let alone several ones, without a sneaker bot. Luckily, bots like NSB got you covered with speed, high technology, and bypasses. But even the best of bots won’t be able to give you the results you want on their own. That’s why you’ll need sneaker proxies.

footsites proxies mask IP

Before we get on to proxies you should know that every PC, laptop, or device that can be connected to the internet has an Internet Protocol (IP) Address. They’re just like your home address, but for devices. Every device has its own IP Address so the internet knows which data to send for every user out there. So it acts as the connection between you and anything you do or any server you connect to on the internet.

Proxies, or proxy servers, act as a mask to your IP address, so the internet doesn’t really know where you are in the world. So they provide privacy to a certain extent. You can read more about proxies in the ultimate guide we made for you here! Anyway, how does all that come into the Footsites hassle?

Gotta Cop It All!

Most of the time, when there’s an exclusive sneaker dropping, each user is limited to one pair. But naturally, we want more, and this is where proxies come in. When you use several proxies, it looks like you’re at many different places at once! Thus, you have the chance to get a pair from each different address. But naturally, it’s not as simple as it sounds. There are three different types of proxies that you can choose to use. However, we’re gonna show you the best combination of Footsites proxies. Let’s check them out.

Difference Between Residential, DC, and ISP Proxies

Residential Proxies

Now that we got the general idea of what proxies are, we’re gonna go into some detail about them. Residential proxies (or resis) are linked to actual IP addresses that exist in real life. They’re less likely to get banned by Footsites because they look like authentic IP addresses. However, they’re usually slower than Data Center (DC) and ISP proxies. So they’re not a lot of help if the drop is on a first-come-first-served basis. Or when the stock is very low and sells out in minutes.

residential footsites proxies

Data Center Proxies

Data Center proxies are the polar opposite of resis. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) usually provide this type of proxies. So they’re more generic and can be caught as unreal pretty easily. They’re much faster than resis but are also more likely to get a ban if they get caught.

DC footsites proxies

ISP Proxies

ISPs are the best of both worlds! Speed of DCs and reliability of Resis are both there. Some proxy providers call them premium DCs, which is kinda true. They are technically DCs that come from actual internet service providers, hence the name. The only downside about ISPs is that they’re pretty expensive. But if cash is no problem, then you’re good! You can read more about them here!

what are sneaker proxies - ISP proxies

Which Should You Use as Footsites Proxies?

Each type of proxies has its pros and cons. That’s why we recommend going for a healthy mix of ISPs and Resis! That way, you get both grounds covered. If the site bans one type, you still have the other. And generally, Footsites get big stocks, so your speed isn’t the main issue there. It’s mainly reliability we’re going for! DCs will probably get a ban immediately, so we don’t recommend them. On another note, Footsites proxies are not really exclusive to footsites. You can use them on different types of websites! So all in all, Footsites proxies are just another label for a certain type of proxies.

Best Footsites Proxies Providers

Now that you know what is what, let’s get to business! Here’s a list of some of the best Footsites Proxies providers (in no particular order). But naturally, you’re always welcome to dabble and try on your own.

Residential Proxies

footsite proxies residential

ISP Proxies

2021's ISP proxies

Author’s Note: Get the Most out of Your Footsites Proxies!

Here are some tips to get the most out of your Footsites proxies experience, or your general botting experience.

  • Always try to balance both Residential and ISP proxies, and go for Footsites proxies from different providers. You can get more resis than ISPs since we know how expensive ISPs can get.
  • If you’re serious about going into botting, try joining bot discord channels and cook groups. They usually have set up channels that you can refer to.
  • You can also see what proxy plans other successful users are using. What works successfully on NSB might not work on another bot. However, the Footsites proxies list we gave you here should do well on different bots.
  • Always keep up with the ever-changing proxy trends. There are always new providers that could outdo older ones. After all, the industry is always evolving and expanding. So always do your research to find what works best for you. Godspeed🔥