Datacenter Proxies – Here’s Why You Need Them to Cop!

by: Tilda
June 24, 2021

Datacenter Proxies – Here’s Why You Need Them to Cop!

If you’re paying attention to our blog lately, then you probably know that we’re on a proxy spree! And today is the day we discuss datacenter proxies and why you need them to start copping. We all know that a sneaker bot, no matter how powerful, won’t be successful without other elements. One of these elements is naturally: Proxies! There are different types of proxies, and we’ll discuss them all! Make sure you check out residential proxies here. But if there’s a specific drop you’re after, here are the best proxies for Yeezys and Footsites. So after reading this, you’ll hopefully be ready to cop them hype kicks and flip them just like that!

Datacenter proxies 2021

What Are Datacenter Proxies?

So just like residential proxies, datacenter proxies mask your actual IP address and act as a middleman! They give you that concealment you need and websites will think you’re at multiple places at once! However, the datacenter proxies’ origin is pretty different from resis. You can get DC proxies from an independent company that provides them. And this company has nothing to do with ISPs!

However, having no relation to ISP makes the proxies untraceable to actual home addresses. And that makes DC proxies a bit more prone to discovery by antibot systems. Oh, we’ll cover those pretty soon, don’t worry! The upside of datacenter proxies though is that they’re much faster than resis. In other words, their ping time is much lower, making them fast. But, you can have a high without a low! DC proxies are recyclable, meaning that people use them multiple times. Why? Because they come from cloud service providers who can use them on any occasion. So beware on that front buddy!

DC datacenter proxies

Best Sites to Use Datacenter Proxies on!

So we already mentioned that DC proxies are fast, but we gotta talk specifics now. First of all, when you buy datacenter proxies, they come in a certain number, unlike resis. That’s why you should preferably use them on websites that have low stocks and sell out very fast. In other words, they work pretty well on Supreme, YeezySupply, Adidas, and sometimes Nike SNKRS!

Although YeezySupply and Adidas (aka Demandware) come in high stock, DCs are a good option for other reasons. They work well there because you can leave your tasks running with datacenter proxies without worrying about data consumption. You see, DCs have unlimited data usage, which gives them the upper hand there. You can leave your tasks running for as long as it takes till you hit it big!

best datacenter proxies

2021’s Best DC Proxies

Another bit we like about datacenter proxies is that they’re pretty affordable. So if you wanna buy a bot and run it on a budget, we recommend you get a DC plan. We already gave you a detailed list of the best datacenter proxies providers, but here they are again:

best datacenter proxies

Here are some of 2021’s best datacenter proxies. But of course, we encourage you to do your own research too. PS: Sneaker Reddit is a pretty cool source of help. And if you’re looking for a sneaker bot to complete the set, here’s where you can buy one! After all, these are the assets you’ll need to get into the reselling business. But first, make sure you have what it takes to be one, because sometimes, being a sneakerhead is not enough. You should have more things in addition to that, and you can check them out here! Godspeed 🔥