Who Should Start A Sneaker Reselling Business?

by: Tilda
May 30, 2019

Who Should Start A Sneaker Reselling Business?

According to the grand view research, the global athletic footwear market size is expected to reach $95.14 billion by 2025. But not every sneakerhead is in it for the same reason. While some are fond of flicking their kicks, others are interested in reselling them.

The sneaker reselling market is valued at $1.2 billion according to Forbes. It’s expected to grow further as more and more people are getting into the reselling business.

Sneaker Reselling- sell sneakers online

If you’re one of these five people then you should start a sneaker reselling business.

Sneaker collector 1. A sneaker collector/sneakerhead: if you’re a sneaker lover or even obsessed with sneakers, you can sell sneakers online. You would already have a precise idea about the sneaker brand you’re interested in reselling. As well as being up to date regarding upcoming releases.

sell sneakers and buy sneakers2. Looking for some side money: sneaker reselling is a business providing cash flow in the long run. To cut to the chase, there are a couple of sneakerheads who actually make six figures selling shoes these days. 

3. If you have low time commitment: it doesn’t require spending long hours of time sitting in front of a screen if you want to sell sneakers online. As you develop your business more and more, you start needing less time to work on it. There are also some tips you can use to help you save some time like joining closed sneakerhead groups on Discord or cook groups.Sneaker reselling business

4. Entrepreneurial mindset: If you have an entrepreneurial mind, into e-commerce, or a business enthusiast, then selling sneakers online is not such a bad idea. There are many sneakerheads who have been in the business for years and are capable of advising you when needed.

5. Already own an online reselling business other than sneakers: if so, then you already know how to market and how to make people trust you.

Buy Low & Sell High

That’s the general rule but it wouldn’t work unless you cop at retail for a low price, and then resell for a higher bidding resale price for the best profit possible. If you’re a sneakerhead then you already know that this cannot happen without the use of a powerful sneaker bot.

Sell Sneakers Online using a bot

According to Forbes, the use of sneaker bots improved the sneaker resale industry, with more people using bots to sell sneakers online. It’s crazy how people wait in line for hours and spend thousands of dollars just to get their hands on limited edition sneakers correlating with a celebrity or athlete. It’s getting harder and harder to cop manually both online and in stores, as companies like Nike and Adidas are applying a lottery system on limited edition sneakers so that copping would be randomly based on luck.Call To Action Button To Cop Using NSB

Here’s a starter’s guide that would get you on the right track for your future sneaker reselling business.

Start Slow With Sneaker Reselling

Since you’re new in the business, start with lower financial risk and cop a couple of pairs. You can make moderate profit out of them just so you get the hang of it and potential buyers get to know you better. Once you know what you’re doing and you have a steady reputation, then you can scale up your business and reach a level where it gets easier, more consistent, and more profitable.

Here’s an ultimate beginner guide to sell sneakers online. Remember to price your products well, beginners can be known by either over or underestimating sneaker prices.Sell sneaker online

It’s not as easy as it sounds but if you’re one of those five people mentioned above then you have what it takes to get the job done. With the right amount of commitment, sneaker reselling will be a rewarding business for you.  

We recommend you get to know more about the business and follow sneakerhead groups and pages on Twitter and Instagram so you’d have an idea about your potential market.  

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