Shopify Bots: The Pros, Cons, and More [2022 Update]

by: Tilda
November 18, 2022

Shopify Bots: The Pros, Cons, and More [2022 Update]

Ahhh the world of sneakers and online retailers. From different sites to different brands, we’re always looking for that grail. And as it happens, many online retailers are actually Shopify sites. So when you’re looking for the best way to cop kicks there, you’re gonna need Shopify bots. But what are they exactly, and why will you need them to cop the hottest kicks? And do the pros of using them outweigh the cons? Let’s find out together!

What’s Shopify?

If you’re not familiar with it, Shopify is an e-commerce platform. You got a small business and wanna expand it by opening a website? Shopify’s the way to go (among other options, although it’s the most popular). Don’t worry, you don’t really need to have previous experience in coding, because that’s what Shopify’s there for. In fact, some of our favorite sneaker sites are on Shopify like A Ma Maniere, Undefeated, Fear of God, Travis Scott, and many more!

Shopify bots pros cons NSB list

What Are Shopify Bots?

If you’re looking to buy any hype pair of sneakers off of Shopify sites, you’ll need help. You know, you’re not the only one going after that exclusive pair of kicks. So maybe you’ll wanna tip that scale a bit in your favor with Shopify bots. Mind you, they’re not only there to cop sneakers, because you can find all kinds of Shopify retailers. However, our interest happens to be sneakers, and sneakers we shall cop! So if you’re considering starting a sneaker resale business, you’ll wanna read on.

The Pros

Getting yourself a Shopify bot means you’ll have many perks. Most importantly, it means that you will have access to new grounds. Hype sneakers drop regularly on Shopify, especially if they’re part of a sneaker collaboration. Your bot will be able to support many websites like Off White, Dover Street Market, Kith, Bape, Bodega, Concepts, Social Status, OVO, and more. 

best shopify proxies

This means you’ll basically increase the chance of copping a limited sneaker at retail price. Another pro is that you’ll dive into a new world of streetwear and retail, not just sneakers. This way, you’ll be able to complete your look and flex like you belong! So whether you’re in it for the flex or the flip, a Shopify bot will come in handy. 

The Cons

If you’re only interested in Shopify sites, then this won’t matter to you. But to most sneakerheads, the main disadvantage of using a Shopify bot is that it restricts you only to Shopify sites. There are many more sites you might want to buy your sneakers from like Nike, Adidas, Footsites (like Foot Locker, Champs, Eastbay, etc), and mesh sites. Luckily, many all-in-one bots are also Shopify bots since they support a wide range of Shopify sites! So, it kinda qualifies as having the best of both worlds!

Best Shopify Bots to Get Your Game Going!

Just like the industry, this list will keep on changing. But as of 2022, here’s a list of the top Shopify bots worth the investment. All of these are also all-in-one bots, so you can broaden your horizon when it comes to your shopping! That’ll definitely come in handy with the cool holiday kicks we’re getting.


So NSB is one of the oldest bots in the game. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that it’s one of the best all-in-one bots out there. However, being the best doesn’t mean that we don’t always push for the latest updates. And with Adidas dropping Kanye, the market’s focus is shifting to Shopify sites and Nike. But that’s not a problem because we got you covered!

With all the effort put towards Shopify, our users have been having successful runs consistently! But that’s not the only reason you’ll wanna invest in NSB. Besides being one of the best Shopify bots, NSB3 will launch in Beta this December. From AI to enhanced performance and more hot supported sites, it definitely will be a ride! So make sure you get your copy today to get a first-hand chance to step into the future of botting. And you can benefit from 30% off today without the need for a coupon code! All you have to do is to press the button below.

shopify bots - NSB

Availability: In stock
Price: $349/year
OS: Windows, Mac
Bot Type: All-in-one

buy nsb today


Another great addition to the list of awesome Shopify bots is Wrath. The all-in-one bot has a great rep in the industry on different platforms, including Shopify. It also supports retail sites like AMD and Best Buy. However, Wrath is unfortunately out of stock. So unless you’re willing to pay resale, about $3,700 to be specific, you better look for other alternatives.

shopify bots - wrath

Availability: Out of stock
Price: $350 then $50/3 mo.
OS: Windows, Mac
Bot Type: All-in-one


The third bot on our list also proved to be a pretty good option. Although newer than others, it easily climbed the success ladder to be one of the best bots around. In addition to its Shopify support, MEK supports Footsites. And under the MEK umbrella, you can own MEKPreme, one of the best Supreme bots today! Sadly, this one is also OOS, so make sure you join the waitlist for a chance to buy it in the future.


Availability: Out of stock
Price: $300 then $45/mo.
OS: Windows, Mac
Bot Type: All-in-one

Ready to Invest in Shopify Bots?

Although we listed three of the best Shopify bots, doesn’t mean the others aren’t worth looking into! Some of the good bots on the market today are Valor, AIO Bot, Kodai, CheggAIO, and Cybersole. Each of these has its pros and cons, so make sure you do your research before diving in. And you can always rent a bot before you decide to go into a full-on commitment!

Now whether you opt for a rental, resale, or buying retail, you need to know how to run your bot. And for that, we made a guide that can give you all the basic information you could need. From there on, you can expand your botting knowledge on our blog! Godspeed