Jordan 1 University Blue: Always A Tar Heel at Heart!

by: Tilda
March 2, 2021

Jordan 1 University Blue: Always A Tar Heel at Heart!

Michael Jordan is a legendary player, and everything about him naturally becomes under the spotlight. So one of these things is the University of North Carolina which housed lots of prominent people. And just as everyone holds their alma mater at great esteem, Jordan does that too in the best way possible: sneakers. We’re getting a brand new Jordan 1 University Blue to commemorate the Tar Heel University. Oh, and did you know that Tar Heel was a degrading term, but North Carolina takes pride in it now. So let’s check out the new Air Jordan 1 and why they’re the perfect uni-inspired pair for your closet!

Jordan 1 University Blue 2021

Jordan 1 University Blue: The Looks of It!

Well, we gotta say it, blue is our happy color (so is red though), and we love rocking blue Jordans. They’re pretty awesome to style and flex, and have a history in them! This specific pair features really awesome material all over. First off we got the usual white leather base with a black leather swoosh that pops. And then comes the excitement with a pretty smooth and luxurious blue top layer. Finally, the look is complete with a pretty find white midsole sitting on top of university blue outsoles.

Jordan 1 University Blue

The awesome Jordan 1 University Blue will drop on March 6, 2021, for the usual $170. But if you’re having second thoughts, let’s look at resale. The pair resells for an average of $600, with some going for up to $1,650! It’s a pretty good deal if you know where to buy and sell Jordans.


So if you’re looking for a pretty good investment, several pairs of Jordan 1 University Blue are just what you need. You can resell these for some really good cash! But you won’t be able to do that if you don’t have a sneaker bot, and that’s where NSB can help you. NSB supports Footsites, Shopify, and more! Luckily for you, Jordan 1 Uni Blue is dropping on both, so you have the chance to cop.

Jordan 1 University Blue Release

Beyond Jordan 1 University Blue!

University blue is a pretty popular colorway. And if you’re looking to do a collection of UNC-inspired Jordan 1s, we got you a treat! We compiled a list of our top 5 university blue AJ1s. Brace yourself, because it’s gonna be one heck of a ride! Oh, and make sure you’ve got some cash because the kicks aren’t cheap.

Jordan 1 Retro UNC

The 6 years old babies are totally still looking good! The pair dropped back in 2015, but it’s still worth its two-cents. The pair actually resells for $800 on average! So if you don’t already own the pair, you gotta shake them coins and buy off the resale market!

Air Jordan 1 Retro UNC

Jordan 1 Obsidian

August 2019 gave us a pretty sexy colorway. Jordan 1 Obsidian expertly mixed university blue with obsidian blue. And the result was pretty sick! Today, the pair resells for around $400, pretty alright if you ask us.

Air Jordan 1 Obsidian

Off-White x Jordan 1 University Blue

One of our favorite Off-White x Jordan collaborations! This is one of the sneakers the propelled Virgil Abloh and his designs into the sneaker scene. It was pretty limited, and with that comes a high price. In fact, the pair averages $2,000. Not your next-door pair, is it?

Off White Jordan 1 University Blue

Jordan 1 Fearless UNC

This pair was a pretty out-of-the-box release. Patent leather is always an interesting take on Jordans. It was part of the Fearless Ones pack that we really loved back in 2019. The mix of red and blue totally killed it, and the pair resells for about $500!

Jordan 1 Fearless Uni Blue

Jordan 1 UNC to Chi

Last, but totally not least, a simple sneaker that tells a grand story. The story of how Michael Jordan moved up from the North Carolina team to the Chicago Bulls! So naturally, the Chicago red and university blue were the highlights. It was a hard-to-miss release, and most of us didn’t wanna miss it. But if you did, you can find it on the aftermarket for $275 on average!

Jordan 1 UNC to Chi