SneakerBot™ FAQ


How does it work?

For privacy reasons we can’t give away our secrets, all you need to know is that it really works. It’s been tested over and over again with a very high success rate thus far.

Can I buy multiple pairs with the SneakerBot™
Yes, you can buy multiple pairs from each site and even mix and match buying pairs from each site. So all the pairs you purchase using the bot doesn’t have to come from the same website.

Will the SneakerBot™ save me money?

If you’ve ever bought a sneaker post-retail then you know that the resellers charge at least a $75 markup. So purchasing the SneakerBot™ will actually save you money after your first purchase with it.

How do I enter my information into the plug-in?

It’s easy, all you do is select the SneakerBot™ icon in your browser, select options and you’re able to enter all of your information such as name, address, size and payment information.

Is my credit card information safe with the SneakerBot™?

Of course, all credit card information is stored locally on your computer so only you have access to it.

What are the computer requirements to use the SneakerBot™ plug-in? 

The SneakerBot™ will work on any version of Windows or Mac as long it supports the latest version of Google Chrome.

Will this plug-in work on every EastBay, FootLocker and/or FootAction release?

It will work on most of them, but due to the over loading or the website on release day and numerous website crashes they’ve experienced in the past we cannot guarantee this will work on every release. The SneakerBot™ does give you your best chance at successfully copping a limited pair.

What if the Sneaker Bot becomes outdated?

It won’t, you receive free updates for 30 days and upgrades beyond that will come at a substantially discounted price.

How will I receive the plug-in and will there be directions?

Our plug-in is password protected, so you will receive the SneakerBot™, your personal password and directions for installation and use within 24 hours of your purchase.

Why won’t I receive the program immediately?

You will automatically receive your purchase receipt, bot, activation code, and instructions when you complete your purchase. If you do not receive these things, please let us know immediately.

How does the plug-in know which shoe to buy?

That’s the best part of all, you tell it exactly which shoe to purchase by entering the URL of the sneakers you wish to purchase.

How do I know which URLs to use?

We’ll send out a URL list on Friday afternoon or the day prior to release if shoes release on a different day.