How to Become a Sneaker Reseller – The Road to Profit!

by: Tilda
April 23, 2022

How to Become a Sneaker Reseller – The Road to Profit!

You’re here! And that definitely means that you’re doing your research about the sneaker industry. Of course, sneaker reselling caught your eye. The industry has been growing non-stop for years, and investing in kicks became a full-on side hustle! Of course, not everyone has what it takes to go into sneaker flipping. But if you think you can do it, then you should take a good look at the basics of how to become a sneaker reseller!

And if you’re looking for more than sneaker investments, well you’re in luck! The NFT world is growing very fast. You might as well ride that wave early on and become the owner of one of the most promising NFTs! And you can always do your research to find the next blue-chip NFT. After all, investing in different industries is pretty smart, especially if you have the capital! But in the meantime, let’s take a look at what you need to do to go into the reselling game.

how to become a sneaker reseller 2022

How to Become a Sneaker Reseller?

The first rule of thumb in the sneaker resale business is the following. You don’t just buy a pair of kicks and become a reseller overnight. If it was as easy as it sounds, everyone would be in on it. But just like every other business in the world, there are dos and don’ts. And we’re gonna check them out one by one now!

Know the Industry Front to Back

That’s the ABC of the sneaker resale game. If you seriously wanna build a rep in the industry, you gotta really know the game. You can’t go fishing without the right gear, can you? After all, you don’t wanna catch a little fish when you can aim for tuna! So first things first, you gotta know what you’re talking about. It’s not just about knowing future releases, but also the past ones. For example, basic knowledge of Air Jordan and Yeezy histories is a no-brainer for everyone in the sneaker game.

exclusivity equal value

Why are past releases and sneakers important? Well, simply put, sneakerheads are a sentimental bunch. We love sneakers with a backstory, and the background of every release is everything for us sometimes! That kinda means that a pair could be very hype without being a collaboration whatsoever. But retros are always welcomed by everyone peeps! So when a retro or a restock happens, you bet your a$$ a real sneakerhead will easily know that it’s gonna be a winner. In other words, knowing sneaker history will help you judge and predict the hype-ability of sneakers! And just to get you on the right track, here are some very valuable sneaker facts every sneakerhead should know.

The Right Price Will Take You Far

And the hype-ability meter will bring us to the next point. You should always choose the right price for your sneakers. It might be hard at first, but the more experience you have, the easier it gets. If you over-value the kicks, they definitely won’t sell because buyers will find a cheaper alternative. But you also don’t wanna undersell your kicks and lose the profit. So always make sure you study the market before listing your kicks. And if you don’t feel that confident, seeking the help of professionals doesn’t sound too bad!

how to become a sneaker reseller - shipping and packing

Packing and Shipping Are Keys to Loyalty Too

Now imagine everything going great, and you got your customers to buy kicks. However, the shipping took way too long, or the kicks arrived with a flaw because they weren’t packed well. That will definitely reflect really bad on your new business! So always make sure you choose a reliable shipping company/method. It also helps to have a ledger ready and on hand to easily sort your sneakers every time you get an order. 

Build a Network and Get Connected!

The golden rule of the resale industry is: Social media is your friend! But if you wanna get some serious reselling education, sneaker Reddit is the way to go. The sneaker communities there are the way to go. You can find all kinds of questions, and even sell and buy kicks! Naturally, there are community rules since transactions like these are prone to scams.

how to become a sneaker reseller - social media connections

There’s also sneaker Twitter and Instagram if you wanna follow up on release news and such. But you can also always do your reselling over there. However, we recommend building a network of followers before taking a drastic step like that. I mean, a reseller with 15 followers is a stretch, don’t you think?

Cook Groups Are Just the Thing You’ll Need

Okay so, the reselling industry, just like every other industry, is brutal. If you’re not smart about how to become a sneaker reseller, you won’t make it in there, fam. We’re not trying to put you off though, so we have the solution for you! Actually, our point here is an extension to the previous one. The best way to build a great network is to be part of a powerful cook group. If you wanna know all the deets and knickknacks about cook groups, check this out.

how to become a sneaker reseller use cook groups

Choose the Right Reselling Platform

With the rise of the sneaker reselling industry, it’s easy to lose track of how many platforms there are. Each platform has different fee standards for sellers and buyers. So before you blindly list your sneakers on any platform, make sure you check their fees. We made it a bit easier for you and rounded up the best sneaker reselling platforms and their payment rules here. Some of the best resale platforms out there are:

  • GOAT
  • StockX
  • Stadium Goods
  • Flight Club
  • Grailed
  • eBay

Anything Else?

Well, the golden rule for each and every sneaker reseller is to buy low and sell high… kinda like stocks! It’s the most important step to get your business started. Well, naturally other than having enough money to cop sneakers, duh. Always try to buy kicks in retail the moment they drop to flip them on the aftermarket. Buying from resale platforms is as good as not doing anything, well, unless you buy kicks you missed to flex! In that case, here are the best places to buy Yeezys, Jordans, and more.

Now That You Got the Basics of How to Become a Sneaker Reseller… 

When you wanna become a reseller, you gotta know how to hunt for hype kicks. For that, you’re gonna need to have a really powerful sneaker bot. We took it a step further for you and rounded up the best sneaker bots for you here! But you’re gonna need the full ingredients for a successful cookout. Some of these ingredients are some good sneaker proxies and servers.

Finally, here’s one last tip before we go. Always make sure you know where to resell sneakers for maximum profit! Also, choosing the right kicks is key, so you gotta know what are the best kicks to flip. All in all, these are all the basics on how to become a sneaker reseller, and you’re set to go! Godspeed 🔥