All-Time Top Places to Sell Sneakers, Buy Sneakers, Do Business.

by: Tilda
March 14, 2019

Where to sell sneakers. Where to buy sneakers. Where to do business.

Copping sneakers is not always the trickiest part while building your reselling empire. It’s actually the easiest if you have the right set of skills and tools. It’s what comes after copping which needs the most research and planning in order for you to get the most out of your sneaker investment

So you need to know what are the best places to sell sneakers and make the maximum profit possible. This applies to any sneakers you have. Regardless of the brand, and sometimes even the condition. Note: most of these sites, if not all, will take a percentage when you sell sneakers.

On the other hand, you might want to know where you can buy sneakers that you couldn’t cop for retail. Thus, here are the all-time top sneaker marketplaces where you can sell or buy sneakers.

Sneaker Marketplaces


“The Stock Market of Things”- things like sneakers, streetwear, and accessories. Using StockX, you can see transactions happening in real time. With the platform, people can come to a consensus on how valuable a specific sneaker is (which is a good thing for the buyers but not always preferred by the sellers). The price of a sneaker listed on StockX will fluctuate depending on several factors:

  • Time of purchase (before or after the release)
  • Stock level of sneaker (whether high or low)
  • The Asks and Bids

If you’re reselling on StockX, there are some problems you may face, like high competition. For instance, you may want to sell your sneaker for $500. But there will always be that smart a$$ who will sell his pair for $498. And if you want to compete with him, you’ll only lower your profit. You also have to keep in mind that StockX takes a percentage of your sale.

Moreover, there are those sellers who merely want to flip a pair of sneakers for little to no profit. They could be kids with no perspective on the value of money. They could be older folks who just want to get their money back on certain sneakers they don’t want anymore. But whoever they are, they make the game more difficult for major resellers.

GOAT/Flight Club

It’s been a whole year since the $60 million dollar merger. One that got two of the biggest sneaker marketplaces together. This deal mixes a reputable reselling app with a consignment shop. Credible and safe, it goes head to head against StockX. Furthermore, you can normally always find what you want there (after sneaker releases). 

Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods is a renowned sneaker consignment shop where even the biggest of celebrities would buy their sneakers. It’s 100% legit and safe to shop at. However, it could get pricey. If you’re looking to sell sneakers, you can give them your shoes and they’ll do the work for you. You never know, maybe a Saudi prince will buy your pair. 


In a rather humorous incident, men are complaining that their wives/girlfriends are making them put up their valuable items on Grailed all because of Marie Kondo. So you can find things that no longer “spark joy” on the marketplace for streetwear and menswear, and maybe they’ll spark yours. 


Kixify is a site where you can find both new and pre-owned sneakers. Prices vary but are usually less than those you’d find on other sites. However, there are no authenticators to ensure your safety or the legitimacy of the shoes you’re buying, so it’s a tad risky. 

Instagram & Facebook groups

You can find and follow many sneaker reseller accounts on Instagram. They won’t shy away from letting you know how to get in touch about a sneaker. You can drop them a DM or an email and ask for your sneaker of choice, given they have it. It’s a bit risky, but you can keep an eye out for the account growth, positive or negative comments, and decide for yourself the legitimacy of that account. You can even make your own account to sell your sneakers on it.

On Facebook groups, you can mingle with people who want to sell their sneakers. You can also sell your own. But we wouldn’t say it’s the safest way to go since there are no authenticators. 


If you’re in premium Discord groups, you can easily sell or buy sneakers with its members, if the group allows it. The kind of community in Discord is pretty safe, especially if it has paid membership.

Amazon or eBay or Craigslist

One word: Sketchy. Since anyone can make an account, enough fakes have been bought from these types of sites to steer serious sellers and buyers away from the platforms altogether. It’s better than you stay away from them too.


All being said, if you’re a buyer, we say go to StockX for their lower prices, and if you’re a seller, take your kicks to a consortium shop or Kixify. Better yet is if you have personal clients who will pay you for sneakers directly without a middle man. Similarly, if you personally know a reseller, you can ensure that they get you the sneakers you want for an agreed upon price. It’s a win-win for you and the reseller. With that being said, we here at Nike Shoe Bot wish you the best of luck on your copping, selling, and buying endeavors!

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