3 Tricks To Keep Sneakers Fresh And Spotless

by: Tilda
June 13, 2019

3 Tricks To Keep Sneakers Fresh And Spotless

From regular sneaker fans to real sneakerheads, we all love having a fresh pair of clean sneakers, especially if we raced time to cop them. But sometimes they’re bound to get worn out, dirty or scuffed and being the best environment for odor-causing bacteria and fungi every single time you wear them. This is because you’re not taking care of them the right way.

Clean your sneakers- Clean Sneakers

Well, I can tell you for sure that there are some tricks that help you extend the time your kicks are in good condition and even looking good as new.

Here are 3 major things you should do to maintain the quality and freshness of your sneakers.

First Protect Those Kicks

Clean sneakers- Air JordanPreventing your clean sneakers from getting dirty or scratched is the number one trick for some good quality kicks ready to turn some heads around. Simply spray them with a stain and water repellent. The Jason Markk Repel and Crep Protect are sneakerhead’s favorite protector against liquids and stains and they are safe to use on suede and leather. Spray sneaker protectors before you wear them even for the first time. Test the effectiveness of the repellent using a couple of water drops. Ideally, they should roll off of the shoe. 

Second Clean Your Sneakers Well


Clean your sneakers immediately after using or wearing them because the longer the bacteria or the stain sits, the worse it would smell and the harder it would be to clean. 


Spot clean your sneakers using a sponge (Mr. Clean for example) or quick wet wipes to remove stubborn and off the surface stains.

Then, you can deep clean it by soaking it in water and washing detergent and scrubbing gently using a brush. Watch out for delicate areas such as mesh or suede like the Air Jordan 12, as they should not come in contact with water. 

All you have to do is dedicate one or two minutes of your time when you return home to spot clean your sneaker, and this way you might even need to use other cleaning methods.

Clean Your Sneakers Yeezy

After that, you can eliminate harder dirt stains and scuff marks by deep cleaning using the following methods:

  • Brush: Hand wash your sneaker using a brush, laundry detergent, and water. Use tar and sap removers for tar stains. You can use this method for suede shoes, but it is preferable if you use vinegar instead. You may want to remove the laces and wash them separately in the washing machine.

Clean your sneakers

  • Washing machine: You can clean your sneakers by spraying them down with a garden hose or you washing both canvas and non-canvas sneakers in a washing machine, but you should always double check because not all sneakers are machine washable. Remember to remove the laces and wash both separately in a pillowcase or a laundry washing bag under a cold delicate cycle. Washing detergents are usually safe and good for the job. You should avoid using a washing machine only if the fabric (suede) would be damaged by the machine or detergent or if there’s paint or markers on your sneaker. You can also add towels to prevent your kicks from banging around while washing.

Clean your sneakers- Air Jordan

  • Baking soda: The best way to clean the soles of your sneakers is by using baking soda and rubbing alcohol.  Use a brush or submerge them in a shallow pan. 
  • White vinegar or hydrogen peroxide: They act as disinfectants and deodorizers. Baking soda is perfect to remove bad odors, especially from insoles. You can soak the insoles in baking soda overnight using a plastic bag.
  • Essential oils: Did you know that you can both clean your sneakers and make them smell good too using lavender, lemon, peppermint, and rosemary. 

Clean Your Sneakers With Essential Oils

  • Freezer: Mostly used to dry sticky substances o in a freezer safe bag to make the gum or sticky substance brittle and easy to scrape off.  
  • Eraser: Having clean sneakers can be the result of a white eraser used to lift stains off of white non-suede shoes. It might also work on certain suede shoes, but make sure your eraser is white. 
  • Toothpaste: Works best for leather or white shoes particularly on rubber midsoles and toe caps. You can rinse it off or wipe it using a damp cloth if it’s leather material.

Clean your sneakers- Nike

  • Kiwi whitener: Helpful for discolored sneakers, as it protects leather sneakers and keeps it shiny. These are very effective on white soles that usually get discolored easily.

Most importantly after they become brand new and spotless again, let your newly clean sneakers dry naturally. You can dry them first using paper towels but avoid rubbing. Never put your clean sneakers in a dryer or a radiator. Give them time to dry properly but not exposed to direct sunlight, especially if we’re talking about your patent leather Air Jordan. If placing your sneakers in a washing machine is a possibility, a dryer is a big NO.

Sneaker storage- Clean Sneakers

Third Store Them Properly

  • Your clean sneakers should be stored ideally in their original boxes or in dust bags.
  • The main issue with storage is letting them breathe, so it is best to store them well in an open environment because stacking them up would reduce air flow.
  • Pulling out the tongues would promote extra airflow and prevent odors from being trapped in the sneaker. You can also lay tumble dryer fabric or add a cedar block to reduce bacteria and fight bad odors respectively. 
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to restuff your sneaker after each wear so that the shoes keeps its original shape.

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