Where to Buy Yeezys – The Question We’d All Like Answered!

by: Tilda
April 29, 2021

Where to Buy Yeezys – The Question We’d All Like Answered!

Yeezys have been a staple in every sneakerhead’s rotation since 2009. Everyone may have their misgivings about Ye, but to his credit, he knows how to play the game. Whatever he drops, sells… and resells. In fact, Yeezys play a huge part in the sneaker botting and reselling industries. At some point, flipping a Yeezy brought in so much profit you could buy more kicks and have pocket money. Although the value slightly dropped, you can still kickstart your sneaker reselling business with Yeezys. But the question is, where to buy Yeezys? Let’s find out now!

Why Should You Care?

It’s pretty important to know where to buy Yeezys and how to cop them. Obviously, you can’t start a business without knowing the tricks and shortcuts. You should always know which Yeezy colorways are hot, and which ones are not. And always try to get that retail cop to save yourself from worrying about whether you have a fake Yeezy on your hands or not. You always should know where to buy kicks to get the best catch, not necessarily just Yeezys!

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Where to Buy Yeezys: First Things First

Before you go into the copping war, you need to know and have a few things. Money, release info, and a sneaker bot! Release info and early links will save you a lot of time whether you’re copping manually or using a bot. Cook groups can usually help you with that! But knowing how popular Yeezys usually are, you’ll need a sneaker bot peeps.

A sneaker bot is a software program that does what you would do on drop day, but so much faster! It goes to the target website, finds your item, adds it to the cart, and does the checkout for you. That way, you can score multiples in the same amount of time that usually takes you to cop one pair! And guess what bot can help you get the kicks you want? NSB naturally!

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Amazing sneaker releases always happen. So why wait another moment when you can get your bot and get familiar with it pronto? However, make sure you do these things before you make a purchase. Also, check out this botting guide to learn everything about it from A to Z! Just like everything in the world, a sneaker bot needs the right environment to work right. That’s why you should invest in the right proxies and servers! And once you cop these Yeezys, you should know how to style them right.

Here’s Where to Buy Yeezys for Retail!

Now that we got our gear ready, we gotta know where to find the Yeezys. Before doing anything rash like buying off the resale market, you should try your luck at retail! I mean, why buy a pair for 2 times its original price, when you can get it for much less? And if you’re not familiar with Yeezy prices, check this out. Now, here’s where to buy Yeezys and flex them with a happy face!


The motherland of Yeezy releases! Since the website is Yeezy exclusive, it’s natural that you’ll find every Yeezy drop there. But if you’re thinking that way, so are thousands of other sneakerheads! So you’ll still need a sneaker bot to have a fair chance at a cop. Oh, and don’t forget to use the best proxies for Yeezys. Usually, pairs drop on YS at 9 AM EST. But make sure you stay up-to-date with all the changes on sneaker Twitter or Discord!

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Adidas Confirmed App

Similar to YeezySupply, you can find your Yeezys on the Adidas online site. However, the release could be a raffle on the Confirmed app, Adidas’ sneaker app. That way, you’ll be getting a relatively fair chance. You gotta keep checking the release details before drops though, don’t forget that!

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Footlocker, Eastbay, Champs Sports, and more are Footsites. Their security updates are very challenging, but they’re nothing a bot can’t manage. Just make sure you’re already familiar with your bot and using the right Footsites proxies!

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Last but not least, that’s another place to check if you wanna know where to buy Yeezys! And naturally, you’ll need a powerful Shopify bot to cop the kicks. So anyway, Shopify is a platform that hosts lots of online stores and Adidas retailers. That naturally means that you can bet your a$$ that Yeezys will drop on at least one of them!

Where to Buy Yeezys – The Booming Resale Market

Forgot to keep track of that one release you really wanted? Well, you’re in luck because you’ll definitely find that pair at the aftermarket. The only drawback is that you’re gonna have to pay extra for your Yeezys. And the more your kicks are hype, the more you’ll pay. You see, hype comes from exclusivity, and the law of supply and demand comes into play! But where to buy Yeezys if you’re going for resale?

StockX, GOAT, and More…

As the aftermarket and reselling became a thing, websites for that purpose became pretty famous. Naturally, they wouldn’t be this famous if they weren’t authentic. So, if you miss out on a drop, or you really want that regional Yeezy, you know where to go! Websites like StockX, GOAT, eBay, and more, are the go-to for sneaker flipping! You just gotta remember that every website has its fees for both the seller and buyer. So check them out before you decide where to buy Yeezys!

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One of the star reselling platforms out there. StockX has been around since 2016, catching the Yeezy wave at its highest! It also made the headlines lately thanks to its NFT issue with Nike. So Nike filed a lawsuit against StockX because they used their sneakers in their NFTs. However, StockX now came with a counter-argument that Nike had shown a “fundamental misunderstanding” of NFTs by suing them. They also called the lawsuit misleading and baseless because they didn’t intend to sell them as standalone NFTs. We’ll see how this lawsuit unravels now!


The reselling platform launched in 2015 and has also become one of the biggest out there. And in 2018, it became Flight Club’s parent company for $60 million! It’s worth mentioning that Flight Club has been a consignment store since 2005. Says a lot about how the resale industry is taking on the world. Although GOAT has higher fees than your average site, you can still get really good catches there.

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Before any of the specialty sites became a thing, eBay was (and kinda still is) the reselling platform of choice for sneakerheads. However, it didn’t previously have a serious legit check and people could easily get scammed. But eBay eventually caught up and launched the Authencity Guarantee program in April 2021. That’s a good step to ensure both resellers and buyers have their minds at ease.

Social Media Is Your Friend!

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, then you already know the ins and outs of the aftermarket. But if you’re new, we’ll introduce you to the world of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord. First of all, there are no fees there, but the stakes are higher. Why? Because anyone can be a reseller there! You gotta make sure you choose a trustworthy reseller who’s been around long enough. So watch out for any signs of scams.

Now That You Know Where to Buy Yeezys…

You know when you buy kicks, you could also sell them! But we said it once, and we’ll say it every time, in order to cop hype kicks, you need a bot. So go ahead and get your copy of NSB before it’s too late and you miss your favorite kicks release! Maybe you could even start your own sneaker collection and start another side hustle! Godspeed🔥