Copping Sneakers Starters Kit. Everything You Need to Get Copping

by: NikeShoeBot
April 17, 2018

Copping Sneakers Starters Kit. Everything You Need to Get Copping

As a new sneakerhead, when you decide to enter the sneaker game, you know you’re entering a lion’s lair. You can never know what awaits you there, or how tough the competition is gonna be. But what you do know is that copping sneakers is not a walk on the beach. Heck, it’s not even a marathon! it’s a lot more difficult, tricky and dangerous.

Copping Sneakers Nike

But fear not! As frightening as this may seem, copping sneakers is made possible thanks to many useful tools and expert tips which we will be sharing with you, below.

Social Media: Your New Best Friend!

Copping sneakers requires continuous monitoring and great analytical and organization skills. Everything in the sneaker industry is revealed online. You can find release dates, exclusive leaks, official images, and every single bit of information on social media. So to keep up with everything that’s going on, and to be sure copping sneakers doesn’t turn into a nightmare for you, set up your accounts. and don’t just sign up and forget about them, you should be active on all platforms where the hype is. For now, Twitter and Discord lately, seem to be the ultimate go-to for sneakerheads like you. All big sneaker brands, sites, retailers and news leakers are there, so you should be too. Make sure you follow anyone and any account that’s even remotely related to sneakers.

You also need to make sure you’re updated, on the go. Install all social media apps on your mobile device, turn on all the necessary notifications, and stay alert. Sometimes copping sneakers or failing at doing so are just seconds apart.

Mobile devices

These tools should be the first items that are checked off your list to ensure you have the competitive advantage you need for copping sneakers.

Copping Sneakers Using Bots

Sneaker bots are an essential element in the sneaker game, automating the process of copping sneakers and making it far faster than humanly possible. And the thing with sneaker bots is, the more limited and desired a pair is, the more likely you’ll need a sneaker bot to cop it. So, it’s safe to say that copping sneakers manually is getting more difficult and nearly impossible due to the abundance of sneaker bots on the court.

sneaker bots

Not to mention the continuous rise in sneaker resale prices, luring more sneakerheads into the game. So, not only are sneaker bots a gateway for the crazy world of sneakers, you can seriously perceive them as money trees.

What to Look for in a Sneaker Bot? Sneaker Copping Essentials

When choosing a sneaker bot that you hope will fulfill your needs of copping sneakers, you might feel overwhelmed. The market is loaded with free, cheap, and expensive bots that all claim to offer the same features. However, that’s not even remotely true.

Although differentiating a fake from a legit sneaker bot can be tricky, there are hints that you can’t possibly miss.

First, you should know that not just any bot will do, they have to offer many features. Limiting yourself with a bot that barely supports a few sites, is a major drawback. You need A bot that can help you with copping sneakers no matter what sites they’re releasing on. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself with a couple of sneaker bots, having to switch between them on release day.

Good sneaker bots come with a very large fan base, happy and satisfied fan base. How can you tell? Check their social media accounts, a successful sneaker bot usually has numerous success tweets on every major sneaker release. Not only that but if you look deeper into the tweets, you’ll see that many users manage to cop multiple pairs. And that’s a legit sign the sneaker bot you’re checking is a reliable one.


Sneaker Bot Update

Frequent updates for your sneaker bot are crucial since they’re the only way you can guarantee your bot’s longevity and improved performance. Sneaker sites are always trying to get between you and your shoes. But a good sneaker bot is never held back by such a minor detail.

Therefore, powerful and reputable sneaker bots are always updated to keep up with the changes in the sneaker game. Some of these updates can be minor while others can be as big as adding a new sneaker site to their list of supported sites. Such modifications can really change your way of copping sneakers and increase your chances of getting Ws.

Since you’ve already chosen to cop sneakers using a sneaker bot, it is important to highlight the necessity of 2 more elements. Proxies and Servers.


Believe us when we say, you will need support. Fast, reliable and professional customer support. Especially when you’re still taking baby steps in the sneaker game, you will need all the help you can get.

Sneaker Bot Customer support

So before you actually set out to buy a sneaker bot, test their customer support. Email them, comment on their social media, send them your inquiries and see how responsive they are. If you’re satisfied now, chances are you will be later on release days.


What’s the use of a sneaker bot, when all your tasks are sent from the same IP? The main objective of a sneaker bot is to automate the act of copping sneakers. However using a bot without proxies, makes it impossible for you to cop even a single pair. The reason for that lies in sneaker sites’ policy that every customer just gets a pair. So copping using a bot, without sneaker proxies is a major violation of that policy.

What to do? Well, you should pair every task you create to buy that sneaker, with one of your sneaker proxies. That will make your requests look more human and less suspicious. Plus, sneaker proxies increase your chances at copping sneakers, by giving you an extra chance with every extra proxy you add.


Some might say that servers are not essential for copping sneakers. However, their importance made the creation of what is now called sneaker servers, possible.

If you’re planning on creating the optimal environment for copping sneakers, you need to add sneaker servers to your list. It’s best to have a server on which you can run your sneaker bots. Sneaker servers have faster and more reliable internet in addition to performance much higher than your computer’s. This increased power makes copping sneakers a smoother and even more successful process.

sneaker Server

So there you have it! All the tools you need to make copping sneakers a reality for you!

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