6 Elite Tips for Copping The Most Limited Kicks

by: Cassie
December 6, 2018

6 Elite Tips for Copping The Most Limited Kicks

1- Do Your Research

Before you can start copping sneakers, you must plan. You need to know everything about the industry. Although so many people try to cop, not everyone is a sneakerhead. And unless you’re a real one, copping sneakers will always be tricky for you.

Becoming a sneakerhead means knowing the shoes. Knowing them to the sole. You should do your full research on every sneaker brand, every major designer, and every silhouette. And the results of your research will vary depending on your goal. Are you doing this to become a collector? Or are you planning on becoming a reseller?

collect then you’ll probably find yourself preferring some pairs over others. You might be a Jordan fan or a Yeezy lover. And that’s all up to you.

However, if you wanna become a reseller, your preferences will change. You’ll probably go for What’s trending, profitable and very limited. This was the case of Yeezys 1 year ago, and now Off-whites are taking the title of the most reselling-worthy sneakers. Other valuable sneakers are usually collaborations with rappers, Athletes, and streetwear brands like Supreme.

One more thing to analyze as a future reseller is a potential profit.

A Sneaker Bot Guide For Great Cooking

Regardless of what your purpose of copping is, make sure you have some capital to start with. Copping sneakers will cost money. Loads of money depending on how many pairs you’re aiming for.

Now that you’ve set your goal, and know which sneakers to cop, it’s time to think of the “How”. Since collecting and selling sneakers are very in these days, you’ll find competition everywhere you turn. That pair you want so bad, more than a thousand people have their eyes on it.

Beating your competitors to the finish line requires serious efforts and a sneaker bot.

You cannot, by any means, be fooled into thinking that copping manually works. If it worked once or twice, by chance, it won’t always. And sometimes, when a release is highly-coveted, relying on your luck alone, could be very risky. And costly.

2- Buy a Sneaker bot

So that’s the first of the tools you need. A sneaker bot. There are plenty of articles and resources out there explaining to you what a bot does. Ticketing bots, Twitter bots, and sneaker bots. All serve the same purpose, with different results. The same way a ticketing bot helps you get limited and highly-desired tickets, a sneaker bot gets you the most exclusive sneakers.

Not to say that copping with a sneaker bot fully guarantees you get the shoes, but it’s your best chance. Without it you’ll be stuck in a long queue, waiting to reach the item page before the shoes sell out. And taking the level of competition on some releases, you stand no chance copping manually.

Choosing the right sneaker bot for your needs is essential. You need to get a sneaker bot that supports the sites you’re planning on copping from. One that has the best and most useful features. And of course, the bot that fits in your budget.

But you should know that sneaker bots alone, don’t work as efficiently as they would when used with the right add-ons.

3- Use Sneaker proxies

While copping sneakers with a bot, proxies offer 3 benefits. Using sneaker proxies you can cop multiple pairs, fast, and without getting banned. In reality, it’s sneaker proxies that made reselling sneakers a business to so many sneakerheads.

Sneaker proxies are your way to bend the rules. To get away with multiple pairs, unnoticed. When using these proxies, it would seem

4- Rent a Sneaker Server

Running a sneaker bot can sometimes exhaust your device’s resources. And unless your PC is very powerful, your sneaker bot wouldn’t be performing at full potential. The solution to this issue is very easy and cheap too.

Sneaker servers are virtual servers that you can rent and run your sneaker bot on. These servers allow you to use their power and resources, maximizing your bot’s power. Another advantage of renting a sneaker server is the remote access. Once you have your bot on a server, you can simply log in to it from any device, and run your bot easily.

5- Blend In

Copping sneakers grew so big that there’s a whole community, a whole world of sneakerheads who only care about kicks. So if you really want to stand a chance in this game, you have to have friends. It’s true that you’re competing with them over that pair of off-whites, but you need their help. Some veterans in the community “Know People”. They have access to early links, leaks, hacks, and even backdoored pairs. These people are very helpful, and surprisingly, very friendly at times.

As to where you can find them? Well, Twitter and Discord are your go-to destinations. Follow sneaker leak accounts and Cookgroups on Twitter and join as many as you can on Discord. Even if you had to pay for the subscription. Your money will bring in more money if you chose the right groups.

6- Take It All in

Even when you have the best tools, and are a part of the most powerful groups you can still fail. The only way to deal with Ls, is to move on. Just get it together, and prepare for the next release. There will always be a new hyped silhouette or a new valuable and limited collaboration. Just make sure you follow our tips, and you’ll get the hang of copping sneakers in no time.

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