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Protect sneakers for winter

How to Protect Sneakers Right on Time for Winter 2021!

Summer is almost over, and we’re ready to put on that Supreme hoodie we got last season. But as the weather gets colder, you’ll start worrying about what rain, mud, and more will do to your kicks. Don’t worry though, we did the research for you so you can find Read More

Winter sneakers in 2021

Winter Sneakers – Are These the New Winter 2021 Normal?

Some will argue that it’s still too early to discuss winter sneakers. To those people, we say: Nope. You never know when it might go raining and you’ll be stepping in mud. So why risk it? Now that we already have a September Yeezy lineup, and a Jordan lineup, we Read More

Classic sneakers you should own

10 Classic Sneakers You Should Always Have in Your Rotation!

We love us a pair of awesome hype kicks. However, real sneakerheads know how important classic sneakers are to the wear rotation. Sometimes, owning a pair of sneakers is more than riding the hype wave. It’s even more than flipping them for profit. When you own a pair of classics, Read More

Bad Bunny Adidas Forum 2021

The Bad Bunny Adidas Collab Sheds a New Light on the Forums!

So, is anybody gonna say this? Adidas has been struggling on the hype front for a while now. Besides Yeezys, nothing is close to competing with Nike’s hype, which is a shame. We can still remember how hot the Adidas Pharrell collab was. However, Adidas didn’t really keep up the Read More

New Air Jordans Fall 2021 Lineup

This Fall’s New Air Jordans Are Everything You Need in 2021!

What do we love more than one pair of new Air Jordans? A dozen or more of them! And this fall’s lineup is pretty awesome, especially if you’re building a sneaker collection. We all love us an amazing sneaker lineup because, well, who doesn’t like fresh drip? So buckle up, Read More

Foam Runner Alternatives 2021

Foam Runner Dupes – Take on the Summer in Style Baby!

The season is hot, and so are sneaker releases. But one staple in our wardrobe is “something comfy for the beach”, don’t you agree? And a silhouette that we all wanna flex our sneakerhead status on the beach in is the Yeezy Foam Runner! However, it’s easy to miss out Read More

New Jordan 1 Fusion Red colorway

Jordan 1 Fusion Red – Catching Some of Miami’s Summer Heat!

Summer already started and we’re ready to fully embrace it! From interesting Yeezy releases to our favorite summer Air Jordan lineup, we can barely keep up. But every now and then you get a pair that you can’t take your eyes off of. And you know when poppin’ colors are Read More

Sneaker Storage 2021

Sneaker Storage – Tips ‘n’ Tricks to Store Your Kicks!

Sneakerheads are sneaker collectors, and a sneaker collection needs care. And after going through all the hassle of getting a sneaker bot and fighting for dear life for that pair? You’ll totally want to extend them sneakers’ life! That’s why today, we’re gonna tell you everything you need to know Read More

sneaker reddit intro

Sneaker Reddit Is A Buried Gem for Many in the Industry!

It’s 2020, and we rely on social media a lot more ever since we started quarantine due to Covid-19. But sneakerheads are already out there, with all the transactions, cops, and deals. We know of the famous transaction and discussion platforms like Discord, eBay, etc… However, many people seem to Read More

Sneaker Brands Financial losses Graphic

Sneaker Brands Financial Losses Due to Coronavirus

The world is going through the hardest patch in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is staying safe at home and acts of kindness all around us restored our hope in humanity. However, we can’t ignore the huge financial losses that a lot of companies are experiencing. But how Read More