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Yeezy Dupes

Yeezy Dupes By Adidas – How Far Will the 3 Stripes Go?

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Kanye West added a lot to the music and sneaker industries. However, we can’t help but genuinely feel bad for everything going down with him sneaker-wise. If you’re not in the loop with all that’s going on, let us recap it Read More

adidas collaborations NSB

Adidas Collaborations to Hunt Now That Kanye’s Leaving!

Boy, what a time to be alive in the sneaker industry! From throwing shade to dropping partnerships, Kanye West seems to be in the midst of it all. So a while ago, we were wondering whether Kanye will leave Adidas or not. Guess we got our answer huh? In addition Read More

Black and red yeezy 350 yeezy day

Is Black and Red Yeezy 350 Making a Yeezy Day Appearance?

Yeezy Day is fast approaching, and we’re ready to try our luck at copping all the hot releases. In addition to the cool restocks coming our way, we’ll get new additions to the Yeezy family. So, from the Turtledove restock to the new Yeezy Foam Runner MX Carbon, excitement hits Read More

Adidas foam runner

Adidas Foam Runner – The 3 Stripes Seems to Have New Plans!

Chaos we’re telling you, it’s becoming absolute chaos! The sneaker industry is becoming absolutely crazy, and we’re all here for it. Competition is reaching new heights, and brands are going out of their way to give us new tech, designs, and colorways. But somehow, amid this madness, there’s still space Read More

yeezy july releases 2022

Yeezy July Releases – It’s All About the Slides Baby!

2022 is a slow year for Yeezys so far, and maybe that’s because of all the tension and Yeezy Adilette drama? However, we’ve got Yeezy Day to look forward to, and that looks totally promising. In the meantime, we can sum up Yeezy July releases in two words: Yeezy. Slides. Read More

fake yeezy slides Yeezy adilette

Yeezy Adilette Drama – Are Fake Yeezy Slides the Thing Now?

Call us paranoid, or even delusional, but the whole Yeezy Adilette drama is making us anxious! This might make absolutely no sense to you but we don’t like it when a successful partnership feels strained. And that’s exactly what’s happening between Kanye and Adidas! So, will the “fake Yeezy Slides” Read More

peter moore obituary

Peter Moore – The Sneaker World Lost a Game-Changing Legend!

The sneaker industry had its fair share of losses in 2021 mostly with Virgil Abloh’s passing, and 2022 isn’t any different. So today, we’re here to discuss the life of one of the key players in the sneaker game: Peter Moore! The man was a pivotal part in the conception Read More

yeezy foam runner sulfur

Yeezy Foam Runner Sulfur – Pale Yellow Never Looked So Good!

Every time we think we’re done with Foam Runners, a new colorway pulls us back into the rabbit hole! And this time, it’s Yeezy Foam Runner Sulfur taking us down, but we got no complaints to be honest. We love to style our Yeezys like Kanye and other A-listers because Read More

adidas balenciaga

Adidas Balenciaga – The Collab We Didn’t Need But Will Buy?

Just when we were starting to think that we’re done with high-end sneaker collabs, we get things like this. The new Adidas Balenciaga collab certainly puts the stripes in Triple S! Anyway, although the kicks did not make an appearance in the FW22 fashion week, it’s still interesting. So let’s Read More

invest in sneakers today

Why Should You Invest in Sneakers Today? Find Out Now!

The sneaker resale market has been here for decades now, and it became a business venture. People are buying and flipping sneakers like they trade Pokémon cards! However, some people are still in doubt about if they should invest in sneakers or not. Well, if you invest in sneakers right, Read More