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Shopify bots pros cons NSB list

Shopify Bots: The Pros, Cons, and More [2022 Update]

Ahhh the world of sneakers and online retailers. From different sites to different brands, we’re always looking for that grail. And as it happens, many online retailers are actually Shopify sites. So when you’re looking for the best way to cop kicks there, you’re gonna need Shopify bots. But what Read More

best nike bots NSB

Best Nike Bots – How to Ace That Nike SNKRS Drop!

Sneakers, Nike, Yeezys, and more. Welcome back to the sneaker industry, where anything can go down at any given moment! From awesome collabs and sad breakups to heartbreaking exclusive kicks, it’s a great place to be. But every once in a while, some stuff goes down and the whole industry Read More

what are sneaker proxies

What Are Sneaker Proxies – The Million Dollar Question!

If you’re reading this, then you’re already familiar with the sneaker industry and the competition in it. And if you know what the best sneaker bots are and where to get them, you’ll wanna up your game. A sneaker bot alone can’t pull the white rabbit out of the hat. Read More

best sneaker bots ultimate guide

[Updated] The Best Sneaker Bots Guide – Up for Some Cooking?

Disclaimer: The best sneaker bots guide has been republished in 2022 with all of its content being up-to-date! We know how fast the industry changes and we wanna keep you in the loop! Does it feel like you’re always on the search for the next big thing? The next best Read More

Footsites new

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Footsites

A new Air Jordan is dropping, and you’re pretty new to the industry. Now, you’re checking out where this excellent pair is dropping because you can’t cop sneakers without knowing the where. And you saw the word Footsites. Whether you’re new or a sneaker veteran, you must’ve crossed paths with Read More

Travis Scott Jordan 1 Fragment Botting

Hottest Debate Again: Travis Scott Jordan 1 Fragment

We’ve previously seen this with Yeezys and the Jordan 1 Trophy Room backdoor scandal. And yesterday, the Travis Scott Jordan 1 Fragment followed. The biggest debate in the sneaker community, how fair is it for sneaker fans to use sneaker bots? How does the scene change with every launch? And Read More

How do bots work

How Do Bots Work? Sneaker Botting Essentials Explained!

Sneaker bots, copping, tasks, sneaker proxies, servers, it can all get a bit overwhelming when you think about it. This is why we’re taking it all step by step by giving you a simple guide to everything. Whether you’re totally new to the industry, or just wanna refresh your knowledge, Read More

Choose best sneaker bot

How to Choose the Best Sneaker Bot for You Before Drop Day!

So today’s post is for people wanting to step up their game and get into the botting industry! If you’re a sneaker bot veteran, then you probably already know what we’re gonna stay. But why not stay, to solidify your botting knowledge? We’re gonna discuss a basic concept: how to Read More

Types of Bots 2021

Types of Bots – All You Need to Know About Our E-Friends!

Welcome back to another session of our botting ABCs! We’ll assume that you’re picking up where we left off. But in case you didn’t, we previously discussed what bots are and what they do! And today, we’re gonna dig a bit deeper and discuss the different types of bots. And Read More

what are bots - explained

What Are Bots? And Why Should You Care About Them?

Welcome to the world of bots, where everything is binary! Well, that sounds a bit out of a cliché sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? But it’s the reality we’re living in, artificial intelligence is getting smarter by the day! And if you made it here, then you definitely wanna know more Read More