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Footsites Guide

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Footsites

Today is the day you learn more about copping and not just about sneakers and their value. When you wanna cop sneakers, you gotta know how, when, and WHERE they’re dropping. The where is actually as important as all the release details. It dictates what bot you should run, which Read More

The last Dance Nike

Did Nike Just Miss Out on The Last Dance of the Season?

Odds are, every OG sneakerhead and basketball fan in this world was tuned in to Netflix every Sunday evening. But now that the dust settled and the docu-series ended, we’re talking numbers. To be exact, we’re going to discuss how beneficial The Last Dance was to Jordan Brand and sneaker Read More

hyped sneakers - hype sneakers

The Foolproof Guide to Finding Flip-worthy Hyped Sneakers

In the sneaker industry, not every sneaker is worth reselling, and not all drops are equally important. But how can anybody know the difference between hype sneakers and any other drop? So if you’re new to the sneaker game, you came to the right place. This is a guide to Read More

powerful sneaker bot to cop sneakers

How To Cop Sneakers The Smart Way?

With smart technology weaving its way into every field, it’s about time sneakerheads start using smart copping in the sneaker world too. Manual copping is very hard and relying on it to grow your sneaker reselling business is a losing bargain. When copping an L, it’s either you or your sneaker Read More

Sneaker Copping using a sneaker bot guide

A Sneaker Bot Guide For Great Cooking

Back in the day, like seriously way back, the sneaker industry was not the booming beast it is today. Well, that was until Nike signed a sneaker deal with Michael Jordan and completely changed the sneaker game forever. From that day on, buying sneakers was never the same. Everyone wanted Read More