Browser Cookies – Why Do We Need Them for Sneaker Botting?

by: Tilda
July 7, 2021

Browser Cookies – Why Do We Need Them for Sneaker Botting?

So you’re here, and you got one of the best sneaker bots on the market today. You’re excited about your first test run and watching all kinds of tutorials and guides. However, you come upon the word “cookies” and you immediately think about sweet treats and simple times. But that’s not the type of cookie that will get you the super hype kicks you want! So, what are browser cookies? And why are they an important part of the botting procedure? We’re gonna answer that and more today, so you better tag along fam!

what are browser cookies

What Are Browser Cookies?

How many times have you visited websites only to get a little pop-up asking you if you’ll accept browser cookies? Countless times I’m sure. So what are these browser cookies we all accept without a second’s thought? In simple terms, browser cookies are bits of data your browser stores on websites that you visit. This makes your experience on that website a bit smoother. They actually follow your activity on that site to make it even better the next time you visit it.

But what do browser cookies actually store? Well, they can store what pages you visited on that site, and what items you added to the cart. They can also remember the settings and preferences you chose on your first visit. So you see, browser cookies are all about the user experience! Of course, this can’t happen without your consent, hence the pop-up we all see on first-time visits.

How Do Sneaker Bots Use Browser Cookies?

So you must know that the biggest enemy to retail and sneaker websites are bots. Shopify, Footsites, and other platforms worked so hard to keep sneaker bots at bay. However, programmers are always one step ahead making sure that your bot looks as human as possible! And that’s where browser cookies come in.

browser cookies for bots

Browser cookies can make the bot’s activities look as human as possible. You innocently move your mouse around, go through pages, and do other human-like activities, right? Cookies make these activities look as human as they can be when your sneaker bot mimics them. However, your bot’s human-like behavior doesn’t only depend on the browser cookies. They also depend on your IP address, how long your e-mail has been active. So it’s a mish-mash of everything.

The Evolution of Cookie Generation & Sneaker Bots!

So back in the day, when you needed to run a sneaker bot, you had to generate browser cookies. And then, you had to import them to your bot to use them. Luckily, most of today’s sneaker bots are all about the user experience and how easy it can get. That’s why they started automatically generating cookies for the user to use with their tasks. Another important point is that some security measures for sneaker sites don’t even require cookies. So you better know what you’re getting into before taking that dive fam!

In other news, if you’re really taking your botting seriously, you gotta know more! Sneaker proxies and sneaker servers should definitely be the next step in your botting education path. And if you’re still not part of one, a sneaker cook group is always so helpful, especially on hype drops! And last but not least, here’s what you gotta do before you buy a sneaker bot. Godspeed 🔥