What Are Bots? And Why Should You Care About Them?

by: Tilda
July 8, 2021

What Are Bots? And Why Should You Care About Them?

Welcome to the world of bots, where everything is binary! Well, that sounds a bit out of a cliché sci-fi movie, doesn’t it? But it’s the reality we’re living in, artificial intelligence is getting smarter by the day! And if you made it here, then you definitely wanna know more about the technical side of things. So what are bots? We’re gonna answer this question and more today! Let’s check out why bots are an essential part of your, and everyone’s, online presence. 

What Are Bots?

Did you ever wonder how Siri knows so much and has witty replies? How Google answers your questions with thousands of relevant answers? And most importantly, you must have seen those annoying “check out my page” comments on Instagram. Well, that would be the work of bots behind the scenes. I mean, we all know Siri isn’t a real human, and Google employees aren’t the ones actually answering our questions. So what are bots?

what are bots - explained

A bot, short for robot, is a computer program that actually does the work. They’re programmed by humans to act like humans. Developers program a bot to do a certain task automatically without human interference. And there are all kinds of bots that can do all kinds of tasks! Now that sounds pretty helpful right? Well, it definitely is, but there’s always a few malicious bots out there. You can’t really police everyone on the internet, can you?

A Bot’s Job Is…?

We already mentioned that they can mimic human behavior thanks to their algorithm. But for each task, you get a different algorithm and an altogether different type of bot! So now that we know what are bots, we should certainly check out all the different types. However, we’re not going to overstuff your brain, and we’ll save that discussion for another time!

In short, a bot can gather information from different websites to show them on your search engine. They can help you buy clothes and sneakers and check them out much faster than you ever could. They can have a discussion with you on websites when you have a question, aka automated messages. There are many more tasks that bots handle and we can barely cover them in one blog post!

what are bots - cybersecurity

What Are Bots – The Fight Against Them!

Although bots are definitely not illegal, they sometimes violate the guidelines of certain websites. And cybersecurity is definitely a huge part of the internet. So naturally, websites are doing their best to protect real users from bots on retail websites and social media. Anti-bot programs became shields that conquer bots. However, for the last few years, both sides of the botting industry have evolved. So when a website updates its defenses, bots evolve even more!

Where Do We Fit In All of This?

Sneaker bots are just one type of bot. Although they can buy more than sneakers, they were initially made to buy, or cop, the most exclusive sneakers. The ones with the highest aftermarket value, and profit potential. So if you like sneakers and think you could make it in the industry, you definitely need a sneaker bot. If you’d like to know more about sneaker bots, check these out: