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Adidas Simpsons Ned Flanders McCarten

Adidas Simpsons Just Brought Ned Flanders on Board!

Kids, did anybody pray for giant shoes!? Well, as devout sneakerheads, we’re always praying for sneakers. From athletic shoes only to lifestyle items, sneakers sure made a huge impact on everyone! Next up, the sneaker industry merged with music as if they belonged to each other. And finally, it left Read More

Halloween shoes 2021

2021’s Halloween Shoes – Spook n Drip Come Together!

Boo. That’s practically what we’re feeling this fall. The world is scary, but that doesn’t mean your outfit should be too. That’s why this year’s Halloween shoes are bringing some spook to the table in style! From classic Superstars to mummy Dunks, we got a huge collection to choose from Read More

Where are yeezys made in 2021

Where Are Yeezys Made? We Want to Know Everything!

Today, it’s all about Yeezys and Kanye. Well, it’s always about something that Ye pulled off lately. His latest shenanigan is all the Donda hype that broke records. However, we’re not gonna get into the Donda vs CLB debate because we love ‘em both. What we’re gonna go into is Read More

Music and sneaker industries

Music and Sneakers – A Winning Combo Since Day 1!

The sneaker industry has been around for a long time, it’ll also be likely to stay for a lot more. As long as people choose comfort, we’re gonna enjoy sneakers of all kinds! Now, although athletes have a big share of sneaker collaborations, the music industry still broke in. In Read More

sneaker tech of brands

Sneaker Tech Round-Up – What Goes on Around Your Feet!

The sneaker industry is gr-gr-growing! And if you ain’t fast enough, you won’t be able to catch up. From the Nike vs Adidas rivalry to crazy sneaker collaborations every other day, we’re here for it all. But how did sneaker brands come up with all the crazy sneaker tech we Read More

Nike vs Adidas

Nike vs Adidas – Are We or Are We Not Over the Competition?

Well, we’re definitely not over the tea! And both sneaker giants have these in tons if you ask us. Anyway, we’re gonna go over the history of the Nike vs Adidas feud. But to understand the sports rivalry, you’ll need to understand the history of both sneaker giants. Don’t worry Read More

Sneakers to resell in 2021

Best Sneakers to Resell in 2021 and Make Some $$$!

2021 brought us some amazing gems. Some of them are worth putting the effort in and styling, others are also reselling materials! And if you’re looking for a way to get into sneaker reselling, now is a good time to do so. But if you don’t know where to begin, Read More

Sneaker Logos 2021

Exceptional Sneaker Logos Always Have a Fantastic Story!

You definitely played the logo game at some point in your life, I know I’m guilty of that. And I know for a fact, that when you saw the trefoil or the swoosh, you just knew. But to each of the sneaker logos we know and love, there’s more than Read More

Yeezy Light 2021

Yeezy Light Is Much More Than Just Another White 350!

Okay, we know what you’re thinking now. It’s probably something along the lines of “enough with the white Yeezys!” We understand that sometimes it feels like too much, but we promise, this pair is worth your time. Kanye is famous for giving his Yeezys awesome names, and this one is Read More

Bad Bunny Adidas Forum 2021

The Bad Bunny Adidas Collab Sheds a New Light on the Forums!

So, is anybody gonna say this? Adidas has been struggling on the hype front for a while now. Besides Yeezys, nothing is close to competing with Nike’s hype, which is a shame. We can still remember how hot the Adidas Pharrell collab was. However, Adidas didn’t really keep up the Read More