The New Yeezy 500 Blue: A Little too Frosty for Spring?

by: Tilda
April 6, 2021

The New Yeezy 500 Blue: A Little too Frosty for Spring?

As we get ready to welcome the hot season, Kanye West always pushes his own agenda. And if that agenda says that we’ll rock winter-looking boots in summer, then we are! And, maybe if you sleep on the name, it’ll be a pretty awesome summer shoe. The new Yeezy 500 Frosted Blue would be pretty cool next to Jordan 1 Hyper Royal. Although the swoosh and three stripes don’t mix, we can make an exception! And if you’re brand flexible, then this your calling my friend!

new yeezy 500 frosted blue 2021

A New Yeezy 500 Frosted Blue High: They’re In Now

Remember when everyone thought the high-top 500s wouldn’t be that popular? They really did prove them all wrong. But so far, all we got were colorways that were more on the dark side. In 2021 though, Yeezus is serving us with a pretty light pair! The new Yeezy 500 Blue High features the usual suede/leather mix with puffy neoprene panels in blue. The suede overlays come in a shade of aqua, while the laces, toebox, and outsole come in cream! Finally, the whole look is complete with a set of bungee laces and regular rope laces. If you ask me, it’s a pretty fancy pair of Yeezys that you can style and flex.

New yeezy 500 blue

When Will the New Yeezy 500 Drop?

Yeezy 500 Frosted Blue will drop on April 12, 2021, and will retail for the usual $220. The pair will be available on Adidas US, YeezySupply, and select retailers. So make sure you got NSB up and running for that release if it’s your style! If you’re wondering why you should do that, the resale value of the kicks will have the answer. The pair of the new Yeezy 500 Frosted Blue resells for an average of $450! One pair can make you some nice cash, so why not cop multiples? And if you’re still new to the aftermarket game, here’s where you can flip your kicks and make some profit! Just make sure you know your hype kicks from nope kicks.

Yeezy 500 Frosted Blue 2021

NSB Is Your Best Shot at Some Good Cooking!

Do you really wanna know how to master the art of great cooking? We can tell you, but you need the most important ingredient: a sneaker bot! And not just any bot, you’ll need one that keeps growing with the industry! Naturally, NSB goes right through that alley. With the latest updates, NSB does its best to give you a higher chance at a successful cop. So whether your favorite kicks are dropping on Footsites, Shopify, YS, or Adidas, we gotchu. And let’s not forget that you can have easy Supreme success, like the one out users had on week 6!