How to Wear Yeezys and Rock Them Like an A-List Celebrity!

by: Tilda
April 15, 2020

Let’s get straight to the point. You’re either here to flip and make bank, or here to own a pair of limited sneakers that will give you bragging rights! However, along with that journey of flipping and cashing in, you’ll definitely get the chance to own a pair, or more, of Yeezys. So if you’re keeping them (we know you are), you gotta know how to wear Yeezys the way they deserve!

How to wear Yeezys - all of them

First things first, how to get a pair of Yeezys is an easy matter with us. Our sneaker bot, NSB is the most successful and powerful All-in-one bot in this arena. And buying a pair of Yeezys straight from suppliers is a piece of cake.

However, if you’re looking to flex a classic Yeezy or one that dropped a while ago, you’ll have to get it from the aftermarket. Yes, you’ll have to pay MORE, but if you know how to wear Yeezys right, they’ll be worth every extra dollar you paid.

Now let’s get to business and check out the subtle art of how to wear Yeezys.

How to wear Yeezys – Every Silhouette!

Yeezy 750

Treat the Yeezy 750 the way you’d treat an Air Jordan 1 High. However, the thing about Yeezy 750s is that they all come in tonal colorways. We’re talking about Grey, Brown, Light brown, and black. And as sad as the colorways may seem this kind of palette allows you to go wild with your outfits. And that makes the options endless here.

You can wear them with an all-black suit the way DJ Khaled did it.

How to wear Yeezys - DJ khaled yeezy 750 with suit

A white tee with jeans is an all-time IN. But we’re only taking a leaf out of Kanye’s book because nobody pulls off the Yeezy 750 looks the way he does! You could also go for a monochromatic look from head to toe, because why not? (Oh, and we added that last pic because Kanye smiling is a phenomenon on its own!)

How to wear Yeezys - yeezy 750 outfits

Finally, for the colder days, a fleece jacket over the tee would do the job and give you that stylish look you want!

How to wear Yeezys - Yeezy 750 with fleece jacket

Yeezy 350

Whether you’ve caught the hype from the very beginning and copped an OG Yeezy 350, or own a pair or 2 of 350 V2s, styling shouldn’t be a problem. Actually, it’s not rocket science to know how to wear Yeezys from the 350 line.

The simple silhouette and the BIG, very BIG, variety of colorways gives you infinite options to style and dress up to your heart’s desire.

If you wanna stick to the casual street style, the OG of the OGs, Kanye, got you covered with endless looks. After all, we can’t deny how he influenced the fashion industry. However, a lot of other celebrities are often spotted rocking the 350s in different outfits!

How to wear Yeezys - yeezy 350

David Beckham’s everyday sporty casual look is great for a grocery shopping trip or post-gym look. Justin Bieber’s look is 100% Kanye approved. And if you wanna add some edge to that look, Pharrell and Joe Jonas here are serving us so denim and shiny looks that we won’t forget!

On the other hand, we’re also gonna show you how to wear Yeezys in important events too! If you’re tired of the mainstream dress shoes, a Yeezy 350 is everything you would need! Marcelo and Kris Jenner definitely rocked the suit/Yeezy mix. Meanwhile, Michael B. Jordan rocks his overcoat that makes any outfit look formal with a black Yeezy 350 V2.

How to wear Yeezys - formal outfit with yeezy 350

Bonus: Yeezy 350s, as per Kim Kardashian, are great workout sneakers. And if you’re keeping a good level of physical activity indoors, make sure you don’t do it barefoot and rock a Yeezy 350.

The ladies also rock the Yeezy 350 silhouette in different outfits for all occasions! Whether it’s a red carpet event, an after gym look, or a smart-casual look, they’ve got it!

How to wear Yeezys - the ladies rock yeezy 350s

Yeezy 700s & 500s

We all know these two Yeezys belong to the same family of big sneakers. Big, as in dad shoes big! So learning how to wear or style one of them means you can flex the second without any knots in your laces!

Yeezy 700s offer a bigger freedom thanks to the variety of colorways they’ve been dressed with. Unlike Yeezy 500s that are usually monotonal, Yeezy 700s usually feature 2 or 3 colors making it a blast to mix and match garments with them. And guess who went out with a super colorful outfit? Kanye West, the king of plain colors.

So now we’ve got some simple tips and ideas on how to style these two silhouettes. First of all, unleash the colorful spirit within you, you’ll need it!

How to wear Yeezys - Yeezy 700 & 500 colorful outfits

Second, if you don’t wanna go full-on colorful, get creative with your socks. Kanye’s go-to look is the sweatpants tucked in socks, which is a brilliant idea if you wanna keep the neutral colors with a hint of crazy!

Third, why wear pants when you can wear shorts on hot summer days?

How to wear Yeezys - yeezy 700 & 500 shorts and socks

So now, you’re all set and know exactly how to wear Yeezys. But then again, you can always dress the way you’re feeling! Yeezys are statement kicks, and you better make a statement with your whole outfit!