Best New Balance Sneakers and A Brand Success Recap!

by: Tilda
June 9, 2022

Best New Balance Sneakers and A Brand Success Recap!

The biggest sneaker brands are always there and getting smarter with their releases. But sometimes, an underdog can surprise you with how awesome it is. New Balance has been the “dad shoe” sneaker brand for a long while. But it totally changed how the industry looks at it with some epic and modern takes on their classic sneakers. And just like that, the sneaker industry became very interested in what more New Balance has to offer! So, to save you some time, here are the best New Balance sneakers, and a recap of their coolest collabs.

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best new balance sneakers - history

New Balance Silhouettes That Are IN!

Before we announce the 5 best new balance sneakers we gotta say that almost all the silhouettes are hits today. New Balance made it obvious in the last couple of years that it’s a strong collaborator with sick drops. And what everyone considered old-school dad shoes is now peak style, even making fashion week runway appearances!

Anyway, without further ado, the top 5 New Balance silhouettes (based on the most popular purchases on StockX) are:

best new balance sneakers - silhouettes

550s Taking the Lead by Miles

Something is worth mentioning though. New Balance 550 is by far the most popular silhouette out of all the best New Balance sneakers. And there’s a reason for that. The 550s are the most versatile sneakers out of the bunch despite the others being super cool. But this specific silhouette has a certain vintage aura that is very much in style in this fashion era! Some similar kicks that you can also get the same vibe from are Reebok Club C 85, Adidas Forum low, and the classic Nike Air Force 1!

Dad Kicks Are Mad Kicks!

So, the 550s are currently under the spotlight because of cool collabs and well… their awesome looks. However, we can’t ignore the bang the other silhouettes are making. The coolest bit about them is that they mostly all qualify as dad shoes. And you know what the industry has been into for the last few years? Bulky dad shoes. From the awesome Yeezy 700 Waverunners to the epic Balenci-ussys, bulky kicks are the whole rage. And obviously the New Balance 992, 990, etc… all qualify as bulky!

Best New Balance Sneakers – The Collabs We All Need

So one of the brand’s strongest points lately is their insane collaborations. Although they had some really awesome collabs before 2020, the last couple of years were great. It all started with their Casablanca collaboration, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. The amazing collaboration started coming in bit by bit! Now, although there are a lot of cool kicks to choose from, we went for our favorites (after long debates).

best new balance collabs

These are definitely not the only cool collaborations on the NB roster. We have Joe Freshgood’s partnership with New Balance going on since 2020, and we legit love all of them. And obviously, Aimé Leon Dore would probably overtake all the other collaborations simply by the sheer number of kicks! So you can pick and choose your favorites, but then you’ll have to buy them off the resale market. If you don’t wanna go through the aftermarket hassle (unless you wanna flip), here’s what you should do!

How to Get the Best New Balance Sneakers… For Retail!

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