Yeezy July Releases – It’s All About the Slides Baby!

by: Tilda
July 8, 2022

Yeezy July Releases – It’s All About the Slides Baby!

2022 is a slow year for Yeezys so far, and maybe that’s because of all the tension and Yeezy Adilette drama? However, we’ve got Yeezy Day to look forward to, and that looks totally promising. In the meantime, we can sum up Yeezy July releases in two words: Yeezy. Slides. The drip on the go will be coming in three different colorways this month. But that definitely isn’t the only reason you’ll wanna invest in these babies. Here’s everything you should know about what this month has in store!

yeezy july releases 2022

Yeezy July Releases – Slides. Slides. And More Slides.

We can’t really pinpoint the reason we like Yeezy Slides so much, but we do. They lowkey became a sneakerhead’s staple during their work-from-home days, and they look good. However, they’re also pretty profitable as you’ll see later, especially if you cop in bulk.

Yeezy Slide Resin

Now, first on our list is Yeezy Resin with its greenish shade! If you don’t like all the nudes, then that’s the pair for you! The coolest thing about this colorway is that it’s also available in kids and infant sizes. They will drop on July 25, 2022, and they originally retailed for $55 in 2021. However, they’ll be coming with the new texture, and that pumped the price up to $70. Don’t worry though, because you can still flip them for $180 on average, aka lots of profit!

yeezy july releases - yeezy slide resin

Yeezy Slide Onyx

If you feel that darker shades are your game, look no further than Yeezy Slide Onyx! This one will also come in full family sizing in addition to the same release date. It’s the darkest of our Yeezy July releases, and we would never say no to black footwear. These babies are worth $171 on the aftermarket, which means you’ll make around $100 of profit per pair!

yeezy july releases - yeezy slide onyx

Yeezy Slide Bone

Another pair of slides that the whole family can flex! Besides the full family size run, the colorway can go with anything. So, if you wanna style your Yeezys with a cool fit, this is one of your easiest options! And considering it hasn’t restocked since its 2019 release, these are actually pretty hype. They’ll retail for $70, but you can flip them for a whopping average of $418!

yeezy july releases - yeezy slide bone

Catch These Drops, And More Yeezys to Come!

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