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Reasons to wear Jordan 1 Mid

Jordan 1 Mid – Reasons to Have It in Your Sneaker Rotation!

Today, we’re gonna settle a decades-old debate. Why is the Jordan 1 Mid not as popular as its High counterpart? Generally speaking, so many people in the industry look down on this silhouette. But where does this discrimination originate from? And why should they be in every sneakerhead’s shoe closet? Read More

jordan 1 bred patent leather

Jordan 1 Bred Patent – Back to Roots with a Holiday Twist!

A pair of sneakers that takes you back to the 80s, what more could one want? However, we don’t mind a dash of holiday spirit with a pair of classic sneakers. Jordan 1 Bred Patent leather is all that and more, so it should be on your must-have list! And Read More

Winter sneakers in 2021

Winter Sneakers – Are These the New Winter 2021 Normal?

Some will argue that it’s still too early to discuss winter sneakers. To those people, we say: Nope. You never know when it might go raining and you’ll be stepping in mud. So why risk it? Now that we already have a September Yeezy lineup, and a Jordan lineup, we Read More

The Billie Eilish Shoes Are Totally Bad Guys [Jordan 1 KO]

Don’t say it isn’t fair, you clearly weren’t aware that you made me miserable. That would be us after every L we take on Nike SNKRS and Air Jordan releases. But we gotta keep on hoping and grinding, especially with the new Billie Eilish shoes news! Let’s check out everything Read More

Jordan 1 Prototype 2021

Jordan 1 Prototype Takes Custom Kicks to a Whole New Level!

When we think Air Jordan, we think classics. We think the 80s, 90s, Chicago Bulls, and Michael Jordan. Although that era is a pivotal part of the brand, JB is also working on the innovative side of things. From the new Jordan 36 to awesome colorways, we can’t deny how Read More

Jordan 1 Seafoam 2021

Jordan 1 Seafoam – Relaxing Vibes Right at Your Feet!

Ladies, if you can’t go out and chill, bring the chill to you! Who doesn’t like the sound and scent of the sea? It just automatically brings an air of serenity with it. So why not have that feeling right at your feet, and look good in the process? Jordan Read More

Travis Scott Jordan 1 Fragment

Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 – 3 Reasons to Cop!

Have you ever heard of a mashup of brands and thought “that’s not gonna end well”? Surprisingly, that doesn’t apply to the upcoming Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 collab! The kicks are a combo of Fragment’s streetwear feel, Cactus Jack’s hype, and an iconic silhouette. So you could say the Read More

Jordan 1 Pollen 2021

Jordan 1 Pollen – Never Too Allergic for a Serious Flex!

Well, dropping this pair at the beginning of the spring season would have been a perfect irony. But we can’t always get what we wish for, can we? So despite the timing, we’re still incredibly excited for the upcoming Jordan 1 Pollen! After all, it’s one of our favorite pairs Read More

Electro Orange Jordan 1 2021

The New Electro Orange Jordan 1 Is Definitely Worth Your While!

We love colorful summer sneakers. But when the Air Jordan fall lineup brings a lot of killer drops, it’s just like a second summer! I mean, honestly, fall is a second summer for many of us. But there’s always that one pair that pops with its awesome colors or design. Read More

New Air Jordans Fall 2021 Lineup

This Fall’s New Air Jordans Are Everything You Need in 2021!

What do we love more than one pair of new Air Jordans? A dozen or more of them! And this fall’s lineup is pretty awesome, especially if you’re building a sneaker collection. We all love us an amazing sneaker lineup because, well, who doesn’t like fresh drip? So buckle up, Read More