NFT Smart Contracts – What Are They & Why Do We Need Them?

by: Tilda
March 18, 2022

NFT Smart Contracts – What Are They & Why Do We Need Them?

The NFT world is definitely peaking, and we’re seeing some really expensive projects out there! However, before you buy NFTs, you gotta know what you’re investing in. And a crucial part of the business is NFT smart contracts. If you’re seriously thinking about an NFT investment, then you’ll wanna read on and know your way around the blockchain! So, what are smart contracts? And why should you be familiar with them before you make any transaction? Let’s find out, shall we?

And if you wanna know more about the world of NFT, these topics can come in handy:

What Are NFT Smart Contracts?

Just like anything on the web, smart contracts are pieces of code that make up a digital contract. Naturally, you can find smart contracts on the blockchain. But what do they contain? Well, they’re like terms and conditions that take a certain action once you fulfill them. And of course, all this information is there for all to see. So that makes them pretty transparent and efficient when it comes to NFT transactions.

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Why Are NFT Smart Contracts Important?

Besides the fact that smart contracts show terms and conditions under which a transaction happened, they have more to offer! For example, it makes sure that an NFT has only one owner. So one of its main functions is to confirm ownership of assets. Smart contracts also give the NFT creator the ability to manage the transferability of the NFT in question.

However, these functions aren’t the limit of NFT smart contracts, so what more can they do? Well, NFT creators can earn royalties after every transaction, and the smart contract makes sure it happens. They also make sure that the NFT is one-of-one and can’t be split into smaller parts. So all in all, a smart contract makes sure you’re getting what you’re signing up for. Mind you though, when you buy an NFT, the creator still keeps the copyrights for the digital work. Well, unless the contract states otherwise.

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How to Write and Read a Smart Contract?

So, we already mentioned that smart contracts are mainly code. And if you wanna write one, you’ll need coding skills… But not quite! Today, there are many apps that can write the smart contract for you if you wanna create and mint NFTs. But if you wanna do all the work yourself, you can check this out. The same goes for reading an existing contract, you can get a tool to do it for you!

Now That You Got It All Figured Out…

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