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Reddit NFT Cryptosnoos NSB

The Reddit NFT CryptoSnoos Are Just the Cutest Thing Ever!

Somewhere on the world wide web, there is a website and an app. That app is all about discussions, memes, controversial opinions, technology, and much more. You don’t need to be an influencer or a celebrity to have a voice there. In fact, anonymity is key on Reddit! And when Read More

NFT Gift guide NSB

The NFT Gift Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed [Holiday Vol.]

The world is evolving, and so are the ways in which people trade, do things, and even celebrate! And with the virtual world becoming more and more real (see what we did there?) we can barely keep tabs! However, people always find ways to get creative, especially when it comes Read More

Nike Metaverse Dot Swoosh NSB

The Nike Metaverse Is Here – A Look into Dot Swoosh!

The blockchain is undoubtedly leaving its mark on the modern world. With big brands joining in on the hype, it was a matter of time before it hit the sneaker industry. And naturally, Nike always wants a piece of the action, which they’re doing a great job at so far! Read More

Clone X RTFKT Air Force 1

RTFKT Air Force 1 – Dominating the Phygital Future?

The metaverse is seriously giving us a glimpse of what the future holds. And one of the strongest players we saw growing stronger on the market is RTFKT studios. Yep, it’s the same studio that Nike acquired in 2021. Now, the sneaker industry is as booming as ever, but NFTs Read More

types of nfts

10 Types of NFTs to Know About Before You Put Your Money In!

The NFT industry is up and kicking! And whether you’re in it for fun, profit, or just the heck of it, you’ll wanna read this. We all have different interests, and NFTs seem to cater to all of them! So no matter your hobbies or interests, you’ll find something for Read More


NBA Top Shot NFTs Are Dunking Their Way Into Our Wallets!

Welcome back to another NFT collection discussion! Today’s topic is the very cool NBA Top Shot project which will appeal to both NFT and basketball fans. If you’re looking for a way to keep memorabilia of your favorite players without worrying about conserving it, that’s it! Here’s everything you need Read More

ways to use NFTs

Weird Ways to Use NFTs – Not Your Usual NFT Utility!

If you’ve been following the world of NFTs closer, then you probably know the levels of creativity we’re reaching. There’s absolutely no shame in cashing out on stuff you’re good at, even digitally. Today, we’re not gonna check out normal NFT utility because most of us are already familiar. However, Read More

meetbits NFT

Meet the Meebits – The Cutest 3D NFT Collection Out There!

The NFT space is obviously there to stay, and it’s a fact at this point. After the NFT crash, it became obvious that the strongest collections survived and made it out. So today, we’re gonna check out one of these collections, one that actually was there from the start! Was Read More

Cool Cats NFT NSB

With the Cool Cats NFT Project, You Better Be a Cat Person!

Hello! If you’re reading this, then you’re ready to become one of the cool kids who own cool cats! But, what’s the Cool Cats NFT project? From the heart of Cooltopia, many cute cats are ready to take you to the future! Let’s check out what all this is about Read More

VeeFriends nft

VeeFriends NFT – Gary Vee’s Venture into the Digital World!

Today’s review is about one of the coolest collections out there. From the creator’s own exciting story to the simple artwork, we can’t dislike it. So we’re gonna check out everything you should know about the VeeFriends NFT project! As you know, the NFT world is pretty big, and it’s Read More