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nft smart contracts

NFT Smart Contracts – What Are They & Why Do We Need Them?

The NFT world is definitely peaking, and we’re seeing some really expensive projects out there! However, before you buy NFTs, you gotta know what you’re investing in. And a crucial part of the business is NFT smart contracts. If you’re seriously thinking about an NFT investment, then you’ll wanna read Read More

Blue Chip nft

What to Know When You’re on the Next Blue Chip NFT Hunt!

The NFT world blew up faster than you could say Non-Fungible Token! And with a huge peak of popularity, we’re bound to see projects taking off while others don’t. Of course, you’re asking yourself: but how can I know if an NFT project is worth the investment? Well, you’re in Read More

Michael Jordan NFT

A Michael Jordan NFT Might Be Just What We Need Now!

Where the money goes, hype and investors follow. That’s exactly why we were all expecting the Michael Jordan NFT venture to come long before it actually did. But now that it’s here, did it live up to the standards we had in our heads? And will the Jordan craze help Read More

Music NFTs

Music NFTs – Is This the Industry Crossover We Need in 2022?

You know it’s gonna be good when two cool industries connect and give us an awesome outcome! And we know how the music and sneaker industries flawlessly merge. We also know that sneakers have a great influence on pop culture and movies. And now, with the surge of NFTs and Read More

most expensive NFTs

Most Expensive NFTs So Far – How High Can They Go?

Trends come and go, and we all know that. But might as well ride the wave as long as it’s high and make the most of it! And some people managed to do that with excellent results. In fact, some made millions out of the business of NFT flipping. But Read More

5 reasons to start NFT flipping

5 Reasons You Should Start NFT Flipping as Soon as You Can!

Welcome to another NFT discussion since we can’t get them out of our heads! However, today’s talk is all about NFT flipping and why you’ll wanna hop in on it. From the money to the perks, we’re gonna go through all of it and more. But before we dive into Read More

top 5 nft calendar sites

NFT Calendar – Top 5 Places to Stay in the NFT Loop!

Now that you know some of the best NFT marketplaces, you need to keep tabs on what’s happening. The market is as big as it ever was, and there are so many places to put your money in. From OpenSea to Rarible and more, it’ll eventually get harder to keep Read More

What is rarible

What Is Rarible? Does Its Reputation Live Up to Its Name?

Okay, we kinda are on an NFT marketplace spree after the OpenSea discussion. But then again, the NFT market is growing and evolving at an impressive rate, so we gotta know where to step. So what is Rarible? And should you create NFTs or buy them there? Let’s find out Read More

what is opensea

What Is OpenSea? And How Deep Should You Dive in It?

The NFT market is booming, to say the least. And with more people folding to the FOMO and joining the NFT world, you should know more about it all! You definitely heard about the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the OG Cryptokitties while looking up NFTs. But if you’re still Read More

nft terms

NFT Terms You Should Know to Not Look Like a Noob!

The world is turning digital, and everyone is embracing the change. But with new markets like NFTs, there are bound to be new words and definitions for them. Well, not really new words, but you gotta humor us for a bit. And today, we’re gonna check out some NFT terms Read More