NFT Roadmap – A Good Investor’s Guide to a Project’s Future!

by: Tilda
April 7, 2022

NFT Roadmap – A Good Investor’s Guide to a Project’s Future!

NFT projects are like a mystery box. You can’t know what’s inside until you open it. However, there’s a way to get familiar with them. Whether you wanna create an NFT or you’re thinking of buying one, you should be aware of it. An NFT roadmap is usually everything you need to know what you’re investing into. But how important is it to have it? And what does it include? Let’s find that out and more right now! Who knows? It could be the thing that will help you find your next blue-chip NFT.

NFT roadmap

What Is an NFT Roadmap?

An NFT roadmap is simply a planning strategy that sets goals and milestones for an NFT project. But that’s not all there is to it. Because roadmaps also usually include a project’s vision, future projects, drop dates, and accomplishments! It explains in detail what the project is, and what it has to offer to the investors. This shows the community that these creators are serious about their project and it’s here for the long run.

What Should an NFT Roadmap Look Like?

A roadmap shouldn’t set unrealistic standards and unattainable goals. That will lead to disappointment for the creators and the customers. So nothing too crazy! But what else should a road map be?

  • Realistic: We already mentioned that NFT roadmaps should be realistic. Set a reachable goal, and choose what you’re good at to do it. You should also focus on what you can control when you include it in the roadmap.
  • Up-to-date: Always keep updating your roadmap. Mention your milestones, bumps in the road, and so on… So naturally, it has to stay up-to-date so the investors and potential buyers stay in the loop.

nft roadmap updates

  • Public: An NFT roadmap should always be public for everyone to see it. This gives transparency and credibility to the project.
  • Easy to Understand: Nobody will invest in something they don’t understand. So it’s important for your NFT roadmap to be simple and not hard to get.
  • Time Specific: When you make a roadmap, you’re gonna bind yourself to due dates. However, if you’re gonna be late due to hitches on the road, it’s not a deal-breaker. Hence, keeping that roadmap updated!

nft roadmap timeline

Do NFT Roadmaps Guarantee the Safety of a Project?

Well, an NFT roadmap is not crucial to a project. This means you can have a successful NFT project without a roadmap. And the opposite is also true! Not every project with a roadmap is safe to invest in, and it can turn out to be a rug pull. So always make sure you do a legit check before you put your money in!

Best NFT Roadmaps

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’re gonna hook you up with some of the coolest NFT projects and roadmaps. It’s worth mentioning that there are different types of NFT roadmaps. Some are time-based, some are percentage-based, and some are based on the number of minted items. You’ll find all of them throughout your NFT journey. And you’ll also find some of the most expensive NFTs on this list, so enjoy the ride!

best nft roadmaps