How to Create an NFT and Take on the Virtual World!

by: Tilda
February 17, 2022

How to Create an NFT and Take on the Virtual World!

Welcome back to the virtual world with its ins and outs! If you haven’t heard about NFTs yet, we’re almost certain you live under a rock. But no biggie, we got your back peeps. Here’s a little guide to get up to date on the world of NFTs and Sneakers! And since we already discussed how to buy it, now is the time to discover how to create an NFT. It might look simple, but trust us when we say there’s more to it than meets the eye! Let’s find out how to take on the NFT market like a pro, shall we?

how to create an nft

How to Create an NFT – Enter the Digital Market the Right Way!

So you decided to try a new venture, and NFTs seem like they’re a no-brainer. After all, the biggest thing right now and the world is definitely digging the whole hype. Anyway, if you think that’s the business for you, you’ll definitely wanna read on. Here’s how to create an NFT peeps, and we’ll discuss the steps in detail:

  1. Pick/Make your original item
  2. Choose the blockchain you wanna operate on
  3. Set up your digital wallet
  4. Select the marketplace you wanna sell your NFT on
  5. Upload your NFT
  6. Set up the sale process

Pick/Make Your NFT

It better be an original design/piece though! Plagiarism doesn’t pass the vibe check, and really, you can go as creative as you want, so why copy? You could do avatars, art pieces, gifs, videos, music, or even full universes! The power of NFTs comes from not being limited to one type of digital media. The most important thing though is that an NFT has one owner, and could simply be one of a kind. So basically, you’re playing the game of exclusivity here!

how to create an nft - choose item

Choose Your Blockchain

Now that you have your artwork, you’ll wanna start “minting” your NFT. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s totally fine, we’ll explain it further on. Anyway, there are multiple blockchain platforms you can choose from. However, the most popular one for NFT trading is currently Ethereum!

how to create an nft - choose blockchain

Set Up Your Digital Wallet

Now that you know which currency you’ll be using, it’s time to set up your wallet! You’re gonna need that at different times in the whole process. After all, learning how to create an NFT is one thing, applying it is totally different. Anyway, make sure the wallet you’re setting up supports the currency you wanna work in! And fill it up a bit because you’re gonna be paying minting fees, and later receiving money after selling your NFTs.

how to create an nft - digital wallet setup

Select the NFT Marketplace for You

Now we get to the real deal. There are many marketplaces where you can mint your NFTs and start selling. If you wanna take a look at the best marketplaces today, check this out. Anyway, NFT minting, in simple terms, means to upload your digital item on the blockchain so it becomes an NFT.

how to create an nft - choose marketplace

Minting can cost anywhere from $0 to $600, depending on where you do it. Some platforms charge beforehand, while others charge you once and then you can mint for free. Others can take a percentage of the final NFT sale price. So, you gotta do your research before going for a marketplace. And once you do, make sure you connect your wallet because you’ll need it for the minting, the selling, and the fees!

Upload Your File

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to actually upload your file and turn it to an NFT! Now, the marketplace you choose will help you step-by-step through the process. However, you’ll generally need to add metadata, aka a description of your NFT. You also gotta decide whether you want to do a single NFT or go for a collection! 

how to create an nft - upload

Another important bit to have is an NFT roadmap. A roadmap is basically information about why this NFT is different than others. It explains what the goal of the collection is, its long-term value, and more! Check this out if you wanna know more about NFT roadmaps. Now, when you do all that, you’re ready to sell your work.

Set Up the Sales Process

You can go about this in multiple ways. You can either fix a price for your NFT and when a buyer comes, they’ll just go for it! Another option can be a timed auction. Basically, you auction your work and set a time limit. When time’s up, the highest bidder wins! The last option is an unlimited auction. In other words, you choose when to end it and sell the NFT to the highest bidder.

how to create an nft - choose sale process

You Know How to Be an NFT Creator Now!

Basically, it all looks pretty doable. However, with all the hype going on now and NFT marketplaces getting more popular, it’s becoming expensive. The more users are hopping into the NFT world, the more it’s gonna cost to actually do that. Think of it as the last few places on a train that everyone wants to board. The ones who pay more will get on there! So if that sounds a bit too much for you, maybe you should go for something else.

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