What’s an NFT Airdrop? All You Gotta Know About “Free NFTs”

by: Tilda
April 5, 2022

What’s an NFT Airdrop? All You Gotta Know About “Free NFTs”

It’s a tricky venture, the world of NFTs. But when everybody is going into it, you’ll know that the FOMO will kick in strongly. If you don’t know what that means, check out these NFT terms to learn the industry slang. And hype should be fed by the people in the industry, but how? Well, they came up with a brilliant idea called NFT airdrop. But what exactly is it? And what are the different types of airdrops? If you wanna buy an NFT or maybe create a project, you’ll wanna learn all about NFT airdrops.

Nft Airdrop

What’s an NFT Airdrop?

An NFT Airdrop, first and foremost, is a marketing strategy. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with upcoming NFT projects that are worth the investment. And it’s also hard to shine as a project unless you really have something special to offer. But even then, people could overlook your work. So how do you make people aware of your project and market it in a very appealing way? You put an NFT airdrop in crypto wallets to generate the buzz you need. And when you have hype and buzz, the value of that NFT project will go up!

Are All Airdrops Safe?

Unfortunately, not all airdrops out there are safe, and airdrop scams are a legit type of NFT scams. Some scammers will impersonate official accounts and offer to send free NFTs if you complete tasks. When you complete the tasks (spreading the word on social media usually) they ask for your wallet credentials. But instead of sending you the prize, they’ll steal all the NFTs you already have. So if you wanna avoid being scammed like that, make sure to always check the official accounts of the NFT project for airdrop announcements or so.

Different Types of NFT Airdrops

An NFT airdrop can have four different types. Let’s check them out!

Standard Airdrops

A standard NFT airdrop, as the name suggests, is pretty public. You can take part in it by completing simple tasks and requirements. Once you do the tasks, usually promotion work, you fill in your wallet credentials, and you’re in for a treat! Pretty basic and straightforward if you ask us. But if you don’t trust the project, we don’t recommend giving out your private info.

nft airdrop standard airdrops

Bounty Airdrops

Similar to the standard NFT airdrop and also open to everyone. To get a free token, you’ll have to do some more promotional work. You might have to sign up for a newsletter or follow on social media, join Discord, etc… 

nft airdrop bounty airdrops

Exclusive Airdrops

Well, the name says it all, doesn’t it? This is the VIP airdrop, for the elite of a certain project. For example, BAYC sent a mutant serum airdrop to all ape owners. What does that do? Well, besides the obviously high value of the serum itself, you can merge it with the ape! You’ll then get a new NFT of a mutant ape for a very low price. Naturally, that was an exclusive airdrop, and if you want in on this, you gotta be part of the club fam!

exclusive airdrops

Holder Airdrops

Another type of exclusive airdrops. From the name, you can deduce that you gotta be some sort of holder to have access to airdrops. Usually, you gotta be a holder of another type of token/cryptocurrency. Once you fit the criteria, you’re eligible for the holder airdrops!

holder airdrops

Now That You Know What an NFT Airdrop Is

We gotta warn you again that some NFTs are simply a scam to expose your private info/assets. But don’t worry, here are the things that can tell you that a project is a rug pull. We also put together a guide for you to find the next NFT blue chip! And when you go into the NFT world, you gotta know what you’re doing. So you can impress peeps with your NFT knowledge, including the most expensive NFTs and how smart contracts work! Godspeed 🔥