Dunk vs Jordan 1 – Who Will Go for the Knockout in 2021?

by: Tilda
June 17, 2021

Dunk vs Jordan 1 – Who Will Go for the Knockout in 2021?

This is it. This is the score-settling debate we’re all waiting for! You could even call it a family feud if you want, after all, they’re all Nike sneakers at heart. But every sneakerhead must wonder from time to time, if we put these two legendary silhouettes together, who’d win? In the Nike Dunk vs Jordan 1 war, we still haven’t found a winner! And in 2021, the competition got as fierce as ever, although the year was disappointing otherwise. So let’s check out which silhouette will win our hearts.

Dunk vs Jordan 1 - 2021

Some Sneaker History First!

Before we get into the heat of the Dunk vs Jordan 1 debate, we gotta discuss both their histories. If you’re a die-hard sneakerhead, you know that Dunks and AJ1s are some of the best kicks you own. Is your sneaker collection really complete if you don’t have any of these? Anyway, our story goes all the way back to the 1980s, where it all started! The sneaker designer Peter Moore was behind both designs and it’s kinda obvious. Both silhouettes have so many similarities. But what makes you a real sneakerhead is the fact that you can easily spot the differences!

Dunk vs Jordan 1 – Who Came First?

Ahh, so, just like the chicken/egg dilemma, so many people wonder who came first: the Dunk or Jordan 1? Well, we’re here to clear it all up! According to Nike, the Air Jordan 1 came a few months before the Dunks! That’s pretty interesting news since lots of people assume that the Dunks came first. But honestly? We don’t mind either order because both kicks came from the same mastermind Peter Moore. But well, it was worth clearing up peeps!

nike dunk vs jordan 1 1985

The debate started because both kicks dropped in 1985. However, the Air Jordan 1 actually first came out in late 1984 as a Michael Jordan exclusive! The public release was the one that took place in April 1985. Even then, they came out before the Nike Dunk High. In summer 1985, Nike dropped a university pack of Nike Dunk Highs called “Be True to Your School”. All the colorways were inspired by the best university basketball teams in the US!

The Design

So as we said, both silhouettes share lots of similarities! Mainly the toebox, the high collar, the swoosh, and the outsole. However, the main difference is the wings logo on the collar of the Air Jordan 1s and… you guessed it: the midsole! The Air Jordans have an Air unit, while the Dunks naturally don’t. Other differences are less obvious like the swoosh-heel connection, the eyelets, and the midsole ending. So the next time you go sneaker shopping, you better count your eyelets!

From the Court to the Skatepark, to the Streets!

What started as sneakers for the basketball court, soon became a cultural phenomenon. And really, the 80s were pretty awesome years for athletics, especially basketball and skateboarding! That’s also when Air Jordan 1 broke the boundaries of basketball, and people started skateboarding in them. The kicks are durable, good-looking, and simply awesome, so why not rock them? And honestly, AJ1 and the skateboarding community follow the same concept: breaking the norms and defying rules!

Skateboarding in jordan 1

On the other hand, Nike Dunks were also basketball shoes, and followed the steps of AJ1s! Skateboarders adopted the sneakers and their funky colors and expressed themselves very well with them. So fast forward to 2002, and the Nike SB division officially took the Dunks and gave us the SB Dunks! And when Supreme, aka the skateboarding giant, came into play, it was a done deal for everyone. They actually gave us the best Nike Supreme kicks that every sneakerhead loves and wants!

Finally, both silhouettes made it equally to everyday fashion among sneakerheads and influencers alike! Street style became, and still is, the trend, with everyone getting creative with their styles. And let’s be real here, both kicks are lookers, and styling them became an art!

Nike Dunk vs Jordan 1 – The Best of the Best!

Now that we talked about all the technical details, let’s get to the moneyyyy! We’re gonna discuss how both sneakers are doing in 2021, and what the most profitable pairs of 2021 are. You better keep your eyes open fam, one of these could be a pair you copped this year! So let’s check out “la crème de la crème” of both kicks in 2021. How is 2021 treating the sneakers we know and love so much?

Top 3 Air Jordan 1 Highs of 2021

dunk vs jordan 1 - top 3 jordan 1s

Air Jordan 1 Trophy Room

February 2021 hit us like a train with a wonderful and scandalous release! A collaboration between father and son through Trophy Room and Jordan Brand. The sneakers are pretty fly, and everyone felt the hype and counted the minutes until release day! However, the release day can and went, and many sneakerheads were left with disappointment. Why? Because the Trophy Room Jordan 1s were backdoored as heck! Today, the kicks resell for $2,800 on average. Will the Dunk vs Jordan 1 debate withstand a number like that?

Air Jordan 1 ‘85 Neutral Grey

In short, that’s the retro all sneakerheads were waiting for! A classic to boot that featured a pretty volatile colorway that we love so much. The sneakers also dropped in February 2021 and retailed for $200, which is more than the usual retail price. Today, they resell for around $500, so we hope you managed to snag a pair on drop day!

Jordan 1 University Blue

The March 2021 release has every bit of nostalgia we expect of a pair of Air Jordan 1s. So we all know that UNC is a major part of the Jordan heritage since it’s MJ’s alma mater! And when a pair inspired by the university’s colors comes out, we all want a piece of it. If you missed the pair on drop day, you can get one for an average of $440.

Top 3 Nike Dunk Highs of 2021

dunk vs jordan 1 - top 3 nike dunk high

Nike SB Dunk Carpet Company

So these are not pure Dunks per se, but we can’t ignore them at all! March 2021 was pretty eventful for sneakerheads because they got some sick drops. The collab took place between Nike and the Carpet Company. The founders included details from their Egyptian heritage, and the end result was an epic pair of sneakers! The kicks resell for an average of $505 on the aftermarket.

Nike Dunk Ambush Deep Royal

A pair of sneakers with a royal colorway. The Japanese brand manages to drop an eccentric take on the awesome hoop kicks! With protruding swooshes and a bike-like vibe, this colorway was the third collab between the brands. Although the first two are doing well resale-wise, the royal blue pair outdid them both! You can get your own pair today for about $435.

Nike Dunk Notre Orewood Brown

The pair is simply the brainchild of the Notre store owners! They conveyed the workmanship spirit incredibly through the suede upper and the work boot laces. It’s a pretty sick pair of sneakers that would go well with any outfit you wear. The pair resells for an average of $390, which is a pretty reasonable price for cool kicks like these!

Nike Dunk vs Jordan 1 – The Final Verdict

Now that we discussed the ins and outs of both silhouettes, the Dunk vs Jordan 1 debate must end. And although we hold both sneakers to pretty high standards, we gotta say it honestly! If you’re a reseller looking for some serious profit, Air Jordan 1s are your kicks. However, some Dunks outdo Jordans at times, so it’s about the hype really. There’s also the fact that dunks retail for less than AJ1s, so the profit is kinda relative.

dunk vs jordan 1 logos

If looks are what you’re going for, both silhouettes are amazing! But if you want a feel of the 80s and nostalgia, AJ1s hold a little bit more feels than Dunks. Naturally, that’s thanks to His Airness Jordan! Finally, we really can’t make an objective decision for each person. Ya know, style is subjective and kicks are all about style! What we can say though is that you’ll need a sneaker bot equally for both. The hype around these two babies is as high as ever. And if you want a fair chance at owning either, a sneaker bot is the way to go!