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Week 7 Supreme Hoodie

Week 7 Spent at Home Calls For a New Supreme Hoodie!

Another week of online-only drops is here, and the least we can say is that it’s a very colorful drop. Not only colorful, but Week 7 is also definitely lit with many highlights! Some of them are a Supreme hoodie, some beanies, and a lighter! So let’s find out what Read More

Supreme lamborghini supreme bogo tee

Week 6 Is Revving with the Supreme Lamborghini Collab!

Are you still feeling that pain after missing out on last week’s items? It’s okay, this week’s collab will definitely cheer you up a bit. Although it’s not as sweet as the oreo pack, it will surely leave an amazing aftertaste! You better let your inner mechanic and car fanatic Read More

Supreme Timberland Week 5

Is Supreme Timberland Sweeter Than the Oreos on Week 5?

It only took Supreme 26 years to go from crazy to absolute nonsense! The list of this season’s accessories can vouch for that. I mean, Oreos? This week is definitely taking a whole new -delicious- direction. With the Supreme Timberland collaboration and the Oreo cookies dropping together, we can’t ask Read More

Supreme Week 4 Rammellzee Collab

Supreme Week 4 Pays Tribute to Rammellzee and His Work!

This Supreme season promised to be exciting, and it’s not disappointing! However, in light of the Coronavirus outbreak, some changes will naturally happen. Rest easy though! This change is for the best. There will only be an online drop, no in-store purchases whatsoever. So get ready, because Supreme week 4 is Read More

Week 3 Supreme The North Face SS20

Supreme The North Face Collab Goes All Colorful on Week 3 of SS20!

Supreme Week 3 is right around the corner! And once again, Supreme The North Face team up in SS20 for one of their most colorful collaborations. Although The North Face Supreme collab items are not the only ones on the droplist, they hold all the hype! So let’s find out Read More

Supreme Drops week 2

The Second Week of the SS20 Supreme Drops Is Lit!

It’s already week two of the Supreme SS20 season and it’s getting better and better! The second round of Supreme drops has some really cool items that you definitely don’t wanna miss on. From Nike Air Force 1s to incense, you better hope that you did not spend all your Read More

Supreme droplist week 1 tupac shirt

Week 1 Supreme Droplist And Everything You Need to Cop!

We’re back at it! We’re back to the hype, the excitement, the waiting, and sometimes the disappointment. Whatever the case though, the Supreme Droplist for week 1 has one hell of a lineup! However, one item stands out among the heat of the whole droplist: The Supreme Tupac shirt. And Read More

Supreme accessories SS20

SS20 Supreme Accessories That Will Leave You Wanting More!

We’re finally here! After taking a look at all our favorite items from the SS20 Supreme lookbook, we promised we’d talk about Supreme accessories. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do now! Every season, we all impatiently wait and wonder what the latest quirky Supreme accessories will be. Well, Read More

Supreme Lookbook SS20

The SS20 Supreme Lookbook is Here and It’s Looking Good!

So, after a short break, we’re back at it. The Supreme lookbook for SS20 is here and everyone is excited! What are the coolest drops going to be? Which items are we really looking forward to? We’re going to answer these questions and also remember the most memorable drops of Read More

Sneaker violence featured

Sneaker Violence: When Enthusiasm Turns Into Fights!

We’re all passionate about sneakers, we really are. And as real sneakerheads, we’d go to great lengths to get the latest holy grails. But what happens when some sneakerheads get a bit too carried away? Violence, or as we like to call it, sneaker violence. That’s why we decided to Read More