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Supreme lookbook ss20

The SS20 Supreme Lookbook is Here and It’s Looking Good!

So, after a short break, we’re back at it. The Supreme lookbook for SS20 is here and everyone is excited! What are the coolest drops going to be? Which items are we really looking forward to? We’re going to answer these questions and also remember the most memorable drops of Read More

Sneaker violence featured

Sneaker Violence: When Enthusiasm Turns Into Fights!

We’re all passionate about sneakers, we really are. And as real sneakerheads, we’d go to great lengths to get the latest holy grails. But what happens when some sneakerheads get a bit too carried away? Violence, or as we like to call it, sneaker violence. That’s why we decided to Read More

Supreme Bogo Supreme FW19 featured

The Iconic Supreme Bogo: The Season’s Big Finale!

It’s a simple question, do you know what Supreme is today? If it’s a yes, then you’ve got your priorities straight. If it’s a no, let’s talk! What was founded in 1994 as a simple skating shop on Lafayette street became, 25 years later, one of the biggest streetwear giants Read More

Supreme Resale Will Be on Fire: FW19 Supreme Droplist Week 15!

This week, the Supreme droplist is not what many expected, but it’s not the worst either. In fact, we believe it will be a huge hit since Supreme is collaborating with dead prez on this week’s drop. So sorry for everyone waiting, but there will be no bogo till next Read More

Supreme Sellout Times

How Quick Can You Click: Fastest Supreme Sellout Times So Far FW19

When James Jebbia decided to open the Supreme shop in 1994, it was the start of something big. Today, 25 years later, Supreme became one of the biggest streetwear brands on the market and Supreme items became very popular around the world. It actually kinda rules the streets. Generally, people Read More

Supreme Nike FW2019

Supreme Droplist for Week 11 FW19 – The Supreme Nike Collab Is The Highlight!

Supreme just has that interesting ability to keep us at the edge of our seats waiting for each week’s new droplist. Their designs are always different, to say the least, and catch us off guard! Week 11 of Fall/Winter 2019 collection is no different. Although we only have a partial Read More

Reselling Supreme

The Art of Reselling Supreme & Making Cash Along The Way

Did you ever wonder how a skating brand turned into a widely known and sought-out streetwear brand? Well, that’s simply because Supreme is very unique in every aspect, even its history, which made it gain a mass following! Now, wearing Supreme or even using Supreme apparel is a fashion statement. Read More

Supreme Collab- Nike Air Max 95

The Luxurious Nike Air Max 95 Dropping Soon

Swarovski, the world-renowned crystal brand for more than 20 years, has sparkled its collaborations and partnerships with designers, couturiers, architects, celebrities like Michael Jackson, and fashion houses like Christian Dior, Chanel, Prada, and Alexander McQueen. What’s special about Swarovski is that its jewelry and gemstones become part of a truly Read More

Supreme Box Logo in Swarovski

Supreme Box Logo: The Streetwear Giant

Supreme is a brand that you’ve never heard of before the 20th century. Twenty-five years later, after the British James Jebbia laid the foundation for streetwear in New York, it became one of the most influential giant brands worldwide. The Supreme box logo is the brand’s signature, written in white Read More