Supreme Nike Air Max Is Serving Looks with a Dash of Art!

by: Tilda
October 13, 2020

Supreme Nike Air Max Is Serving Looks with a Dash of Art!

On week 8, we go crazy with looks! If you ever wanna make a Supreme statement, it’s definitely the week to do so. With a pair of flashy sneakers and a multi-color jacket, you will be a show stopper! Pair everything up with last week’s Supreme Fox Racing hoodies and you’ll glow… literally. But if you’re worried about how to cop Supreme, we also can help you! Now let’s check out why this week’s Supreme Nike Air Max collab is worth our time.

supreme nike air max week 8

Supreme Nike Air Max Plus

We’re all familiar with Nike and Supreme collaborations. They became a seasonal ritual for the two brands! And on FW20’s week 2, we did get a Nike collab. However, there were no kicks in sight. This Thursday, 6 weeks later, we’ll finally get a very interesting Supreme Nike Air Max Plus! The silhouette is a pretty cool one, but the colorways are just out of this world. The first colorway will be a mix of black, pink, and a popping red along with a yellow swoosh! The second one will come in neon green, orange, and blue with a black swoosh! So honestly, the black pair looks very tame in comparison.

supreme nike air max green black

Finally, the third Supreme Nike Air Max is plain white with a red jewel swoosh. But if you’re thinking of copping, no chance because the kicks won’t drop until November 1, 2020. They’ll be available in-store and online as usual though. So it seems like we’re going to mess up our Supreme schedule a bit.

supreme nike air max white

Supreme Nike Air Max Hats

Of course, we won’t have a perfect collab unless we get a complementary accessory to go with it. This time, it’s the cap! Three hats will be available, each in the respective pair’s colorway. Nike got you covered head to toe! So if you miss out on the kicks, make sure you at least get the hat.

supreme nike air max hats

Supreme Blurs the Line Between Art and Streetwear… Again

It’s a pretty interesting mixture if you ask me. However, Supreme managed to do it in a really good way. Aside from making a name in high fashion, Supreme sheds light on artists we wouldn’t know about unless we were die-hard fans. So now, Supreme is doing a cool nod to abstract art with a jacket! The upcoming reversible fleece jacket features color-blocking similar to Mondrian’s artwork “Composition with Red Blue and Yellow”. Once you reverse the jacket, you’ll get a Goretex Windstopper zip-up jacket! So you’re getting art-slash-element-resistance!

supreme nike air max - fleece jacket

NSB Will Get You That Piece of Art!

Whether it’s the Supreme Nike Air Max or the Mondrian-like fleece jacket, we’re all in on that! If you don’t wanna miss out on either, make sure you get a copy of NSB to increase your chances. And don’t forget to join our giveaways, you might be the next lucky winner!