Yeezy October Releases – Will We Get a New Red October?

by: Tilda
September 29, 2021

Yeezy October Releases – Will We Get a New Red October?

Can you smell them? The aroma of Halloween and cold late nights? The seasonal allergies and flu? Well, we certainly can’t smell with the second part, but we can almost taste Halloween’s pumpkin pies! Anyway, October is imminent, and so is the Yeezy October lineup. And interestingly enough, a pair on this lineup will make us remember the Red Octobers. Well, who knows, this could be another form of red October! Yeezus is certainly keeping us busy, especially with the upcoming documentary teaser! In the meantime, make sure you check out the upcoming Halloween sneakers we’ll get in holiday 2021.

Yeezy october 2021 lineup

Yeezy October 2021 Lineup

Red October Runners

Okay, we gotta start up with the star of the show: Yeezy Foam Runner Vermillion. The kicks will come in a popping shade of red that kinda reminds us of the OG Nike Red Octobers. And ironically, these babies will drop some time in October, which is an obvious nod to the kicks. They’ll naturally retail for $80, but it’s the resale value we’re loving. You can actually flip them today for $1,000+. Pretty tempting, huh? Make sure you don’t miss this drop if the Knit Runner escaped you!

Yeezy october foam runner vermillion

Yeezy October Ain’t the Same Without a Yeezy 500 High!

Well, we gotta say it, the 500 highs are the underdogs of the Yeezy line. However, the upcoming Yeezy 500 High Mist Stone is seriously a must-have for these cold freezing nights. They look super cozy with the awesome neoprene panels with suede overlays. Moreover, the grey tone looks pretty cool and would look great with winter clothes. You just gotta know how to style them Yeezys. This pair will kickstart the Yeezy October lineup and drop on October 4, 2021, for the usual $220.

yeezy 500 high mist stone

Some Oat Never Hurts the Diet

We’re all about healthy choices fam! Not really, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyway, when we say that the Yeezy October lineup is lit, we kinda mean it. We’ve seen the teasers for so long now, it’s about time we get a release for these babies! Yeezy 350 V2 MX Oat is certainly a looker. The Primeknit upper comes in a yellow base with a mix of extra colors. Have you ever seen what melted crayons look like? The colorway is exactly that!

yeezy 350 v2 MX Oat - yeezy october

Now, according to rumors, the sneakers will drop on October 16, 2021, for $220. Now we still don’t have official news about the exact date, but Yeezy October is fo sho sho, hopefully. As for the resale value, the Yeezy October Oat is currently worth about $500!

To Complete the Yeezy October List – A 700 and 380 Join the Party!

Although we still don’t know much about both sneakers, we can’t wait to add them to our sneaker collection. The first pair is Yeezy 700 Wash Orange. So the upper is technically a replica of the OG Waverunners, but the Boost midsole comes in orange! That might be the closest we’ll get to a Yeezy restock in 2021.

Yeezy 700 Wash Orange

The second pair is Yeezy 380 in a Stone Salt colorway. Despite the fancy name, the kicks look like the twin of the OG Yeezy 380 Alien. So if you missed the original release of these kicks, well, here’s your second chance! If you wanna stay up to date on all of these babies, keep checking our blog for the latest news.

Yeezy 380 Stone Salt

How to Catch Some or All of These Drops

If the Yeezy October lineup floats your boat, then it’s time to talk business. Let’s be real, you won’t be able to catch most of these if you’re going in with no armor. So, we’re here to arm you up with some copping tips. First, you’ll need a great sneaker bot, and you can find the best ones here. But you’ll need the right setup too, so head on to our proxies and servers guides to perfect it! Good luck and Godspeed 🔥