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Jordan 5 Bluebird

Jordan 5 Bluebird Features Clear Skies and Women Exclusives!

Since 2020, everyone’s looking for a side hustle to bring in some extra cash. Some people joined the sneaker industry as a money-making hustle. And if you’re one of the newbies, we say welcome to the sneaker games! You totally landed in the right spot at the right time. Why? Read More

Holiday Jordans 2021 releases

2021’s Holiday Jordans – Ever Felt Heat Mid Winter?

Today, we’re gonna discuss the upcoming holiday Jordans. If the brand is famous for anything, it’s their amazing sneaker lineups every season! Anyway, here are our favorite releases and then some more. And if you’re not familiar with mid-winter heat, you better buckle up. But make sure you always know Read More

Shattered Backboard Jordans 5 2021

Shattered Backboard Jordans – History Makes Lit Kicks!

So the story is pretty famous by now. And if you know your way around the industry, then you’re definitely familiar with it. You probably already own a pair of Shattered Backboard Jordans! However, if you’re still new or never got lucky with these orange babies, the kicks we’re discussing Read More

Jordan 5 Oreo New Release

Jordan 5 Oreo – A Tasty September Treat For Sneakerheads!

It’s almost September, aka the beginning of the holiday season for people like me! Sad, but true. However, this year feels like a treat from beginning to end with all of the amazing sneaker releases! One release though is as tasty as Santa’s cookies. Yes, you guessed it, the upcoming Read More

How Do Jordan 1s Fit… and Some More Silhouettes too!

So here you are, about to land your first pair of Air Jordan 1 and feeling the excitement! However, something is bugging you in the back of your mind. There are no physical stores where you can try on your first pair so you’re left with speculation. So before you Read More

New Air Jordans Fall 2021 Lineup

This Fall’s New Air Jordans Are Everything You Need in 2021!

What do we love more than one pair of new Air Jordans? A dozen or more of them! And this fall’s lineup is pretty awesome, especially if you’re building a sneaker collection. We all love us an amazing sneaker lineup because, well, who doesn’t like fresh drip? So buckle up, Read More

Jordan 5 Raging Bulls 2021

Jordan 5 Raging Bulls: Red Jordans Never Felt This Good!

Back in 1984, the world of basketball witnessed the start of something new. A rookie by the name of Michael Jordan, who became the GOAT and changed the rules! But that’s not what we’re here to talk about! We’re here to talk about how the same person made history in Read More

Jordan 5 Stealth 2021

Straight from 2006: Where to Buy Jordan 5 Stealth 2.0

The 2000s were the years man. Like, THE years. The super oversized pants and dress long tees are the trends we love. Luckily though, we’re getting some of all that swag back, especially in the sneaker industry. We got us some Supreme Dunks, Carmine 6s, and more! So now we’re Read More

Worst sneakers 2020

2020’s Worst Sneakers: The Flips, Flops, and More!

So this year, we decided to take the 2020 summary to new levels. Instead of sharing the best moments, this time we’re going against the currents! We’ll be taking some time and sharing the worst sneakers that 2020 blessed us with. However, it’s not because they’re ugly, but because we Read More

Yeezy Fade weekly Releases

Yeezy Fade Stars This Week’s Sneaker Release List!

Every week, we get a pair of sneakers that make us go like: “I need this!” Luckily, this week has many of these. So if you’re an NSB user, you’re in luck, we about to have a feast for your feet! Whether you’re a Nike or Adidas fan, we got Read More