2020’s Worst Sneakers: The Flips, Flops, and More!

by: Tilda
December 30, 2020

2020’s Worst Sneakers: The Flips, Flops, and More!

So this year, we decided to take the 2020 summary to new levels. Instead of sharing the best moments, this time we’re going against the currents! We’ll be taking some time and sharing the worst sneakers that 2020 blessed us with. However, it’s not because they’re ugly, but because we had high expectations for them. And guess what they did? They flopped. And no no, we ain’t bitter about it… well, maybe a little. So, let’s see what happened this year, and why the kicks weren’t as popular as we thought they would be!

Worst sneakers 2020

Worst Sneakers of 2020

Alright so, here goes heartbreak! If you’re a reseller and had high hopes for some of these, then this post is for you. It’s also for you if you’re looking for some affordable decent kicks off the aftermarket. So it’s a win/lose situation, depending on where you’re standing!

Yeezy 350 Carbon

It hurts to say it, it really does. We never thought the day would come when a Yeezy wouldn’t give stunning profit. Yet, here we are. We just wanna say that the kicks themselves have swag potential. However, they didn’t do as well as everyone was expecting, but some sizes are always a hit. Generally, though, the kicks could have done better. The same goes for Yeezy Zyon and the hype around it! Maybe it was the choice of color or the knitting pattern? Who knows! But for today, these made it to our worst sneakers list.

Worst sneakers 2020 - yeezy carbon

Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel-Air

This one really really hurts to admit. Although everybody went on a crazy shopping spree with this release, it really flopped on the aftermarket. This also applies to several other colorways including Jordan 5 “What The”. Don’t get us wrong, the kicks look amazing and we’d flex them till our feet hurt. That’s why, if you missed the release, head out to your favorite resale platform and get it! You can actually find them for below retail at some places. But who knows? These might become valuable in a few years. That’s if Jordan Brand doesn’t restock them.

New Jordan 5 Bel Air 2020

Yeezy QNTM Barium

Remember the excitement we all felt when Kanye teased the basketball kicks? Remember how some people traded their $1,000+ Fear of God 1s for the new QNTM? Yeah well, the hype didn’t really last. Although the basketball QNTMs are still doing well, the others… not so much. So it was evident that they made it to our list. If you head to the aftermarket, you’ll find Yeezy Barium and Teal Blue reselling for under retail. So if you thought you’d cash out on this silhouette, think again.

Yeezy Barium 2020

Nike Dunk Low Comme Des Garçons Women’s

So the Nike CDG collaborations are usually hype, and we all love them. One of the most famous releases would be the transparent CDG Dunk High! They resell for about $2,500 on the resale market today. So fast forward to 2020, you’d expect a banging collaboration out of the new Dunk lows. But, well, it wasn’t really the case. The kicks featured translucent Nexkin uppers, and they probably hoped to give an air of customization. But really, all the brand did was drop a pair of overpriced Dunks the ladies slept on. You can find both sneakers for under retail today. Which is too bad, because they had real potential.

Worst sneakers 2020 - Nike Dunk Low CDG

Worst sneakers 2020 - Nike Dunk CDG

Yeezy 380 Hylte

Alright now, this is one of the worst sneakers in terms of resale. We can’t sugar coat this one. The colorway probably played a role in how much nobody wants it. The glow-in-the-dark version of it is currently doing better than the non-glow. But hey, the 380s aren’t generally as popular as other silhouettes. So if you copped this, maybe go for something else next time. But don’t feel too bad, the Peppers and Azures are almost as bad as the Hyltes!

Yeezy 380 Hylte

Air Max 90 Orange Camo

Nike overdid it with this one. Although the original Duck Camo Air Max 90 was a hit, this isn’t. Maybe, just maybe, people don’t really enjoy orange sneakers. The originals had the dash of popping colors, but it wasn’t ALL OF IT. Anyway, we don’t see this restocking any time soon. Especially that people are selling their pairs for less than the retail price. However, if you lucked out on some big sizes, you can still get some profit off of it. That’s always better than going out with a loss.

Worst Sneakers - Nike Air Max 90 'Orange Camo'

Honorable Mention: Pharrell NMD Hu Dash Green

Although the sneakers checked the boxes for a successful release, they found their way to the worst sneakers list. They’re cool-looking, limited to 7777 pairs, and not ugly. However, it seems like the Pharrell Adidas NMDs lost their original charm, and that’s too bad. But that’s definitely lucky for you if you missed on the drop and wanted to get them!

Pharrell NMD Hu Dash Green Worst 2020 sneakers

The Worst Sneakers in 2020: It Could Have Been Worse

With all the sh*t that went down this year? We could have definitely had worse numbers. However, we’re thankful for a great year and great sneakers all around. So really, these are not the worst sneakers ever, but they’re definitely not the highlight of 2020.