Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2 – The Collection’s Highlight?

by: Tilda
June 22, 2022

Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2 – The Collection’s Highlight?

We love it when cultures cross and give us an epic collaboration. And once again, Jordan Brand proves that its roots in Paris are pretty deep. But this time, it chose to highlight the multi-cultural life people lead in the French capital. And their collaborative choice? It’s once again Maison Chateau Rouge! Now, the collection will include multiple sneakers and apparel items, but one pair is stealing the show. So let’s check out the new Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2, along with the accompanying collection!

Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2 collection

Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2 & More

First off, allow us to throw it back to 2019 when the Fearless Ones collection dropped. Among the awesome sneakers we got, we had the MCR Jordan 1 Mid. This pair was underrated in comparison to the Highs. But this collection kinda started to put the Jordan 1 Mid on the hype map! Anyway, the MCR Jordan 1 Mid is worth $607 on average in resale.

Now, moving on to the 2022 Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2. This second collab is part of a whole collection that looks epic! The colorway is mainly sail, but the orange, brown, and yellow African culture-inspired details add life to the kicks. Not only that, but the upper features different patterns giving dimension to the whole thing. Finally, the graphic insoles and colorful laces complete the look!

Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2

Release Deets

The Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2 will drop on June 24, 2022, and will retail for $200. But rest assured, the money you spend will come back with more than $100 in profit if you flip! You see, the kicks are currently worth $331 on average in resale! So if you’re looking for a way to make some easy money, this is the pair for you. Maybe you can start your sneaker reselling business thanks to Maison Chateau rouge! And in case you wanna place your eggs in different baskets, here are some side hustles to make extra cash.

That’s Not All Though…

You’d think that the Chateau Maison Rouge Jordan 2 is all there is, but you’re wrong. In addition to the 2s, we’re gonna have two Jordan Series Med! Both pairs feature similar details to the AJ2, and different patterns. However, the first pair will mostly come in brown while the second will be in sail! Both pairs will retail for $110, so you can easily get both if you’ve got the money. And so far, it appears that you can make $100+ in profit by flipping these babies!

Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan Series Mid

On the other hand, you could always be in it for the fashion. And that’s kinda understandable since the design it lowkey fire. Lucky for you, you’ll be able to cop an apparel collection alongside the sneakers! The capsule will include pants, a tracksuit, t-shirts, hoodies, and a jacket. They all feature the same earthy color palette with cool graphics to tribute Michael Jordan’s legacy! So all in all, the collection is definitely worth taking a look at.

Maison Château Rouge Jordan United Youth International Apparel

How to Cop the Maison Chateau Rouge Jordan 2… and More!

If you’re looking for a way to cop the whole collection, we gotchu. First off, you’re gonna need a good Nike bot because the collection will drop on Nike SNKRS. And maybe try to take part in different raffles at select retailers, but your best shot is using a bot. And we all know that sneaker apps are usually a hit or miss. That’s why you’re gonna need some powerful proxies and Nike SNKRS accounts in addition to the bot. And if you’re looking for an easy botting guide to get you going, check this out. Godspeed 🔥