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Nike off white futura dunk

Off white Futura Dunks – Celebrating Virgil Abloh’s Birthday

Virgil’s passing last year was one of the biggest and most shocking news the industry had to process. The news was as big as Virgil’s contribution to the fashion and sneaker industries. And as this happened quite suddenly, a lot of his work was left unfinished. And one of the Read More

off white air force 1 green

Off White Air Force 1 Green – Will It Be a Trendsetter Now?

Although we lost Virgil Abloh, his legacy is definitely living on through the fashion industry. And for sneakerheads, no one can forget the gems that he gave us in the last few years. If you ask many sneaker enthusiasts, they’ll definitely place the Off White Jordan 1 Chicago in their Read More

Off white air force 1 mid collab

Off White Air Force 1 Mid – Will It Be a Mid Collab at Best?

We’re back! Although Virgil Abloh left us, his legacy lives on just like every genius that came before him. The last 12 months were legit tough for all sneakerheads since we lost both Peter Moore and Virgil. But just as we said, legacies live on, especially in the sneaker industry! Read More

Off white zip tie story

The Off White Zip Tie – Functionality or Fashion Statement?

Today, we’re discussing a very interesting topic that many people wonder about. The Off White zip tie that makes absolutely no sense! We all at some point, when we were pretty new to the sneaker industry, asked what these are for. Naturally, we don’t like leaving any of your questions Read More

Virgil Abloh - the legacy

Virgil Abloh – A Legacy Full of Art and Broken Boundaries

Today, we’re not gonna talk about a person but a sensation. Virgil Abloh was a visionary and creative mind that left a print wherever he went. So we’re not just gonna talk about sneakers; we’re going to talk impact on and off the sneaker industry. But before we do, we Read More

off white jordan 2

Off White Jordan 2 – The Kicks That Will Age Like Fine Wine?

If 2021 taught us anything, it’s that there’s a pair of sneakers for every taste. From winter sneakers to spooky kicks, we got plenty to look forward to. But there’s always a hype pair of kicks that we can all agree to be excited about. And dare we say that Read More

Nike Sneaker Drops exclusive access

Sneaker Drops & Dictatorship – Nike Leads the Way in 2021?

2021 is rolling, and so are interesting sneaker collaborations! However, brands are getting really picky about the way they drop their kicks. The latest example is their Off White x Nike Dunk “The 50” collection. So will all brands start going for different techniques for their sneaker drops? Let’s find Read More

Best streetwear brands 2021

5 Best Streetwear Brands – Even Better Than Supreme?

The streetwear industry is going hand in hand with the sneaker industry. If you’re a sneakerhead, then you’re definitely familiar with many high-end fashion houses and streetwear brands that can level up your style. And today, we’re gonna discuss the best streetwear brands, and some are even better than Supreme! Read More

Off white dunks news 2021

Off White Dunks Come Back in 50 New Different Shades! [2021]

Are you ready for a whole new batch of collabs? We certainly hope you are, because we’re not getting one, two, or three, but fifty different Off White Dunks! And not only that but two Air Jordans will join the whole hassle! So if the sneakers are of interest to Read More

Nike Off White Sneakers

Nike Off White Sneakers: Will 2021 Be Our Lucky Year?

Is 2021 the year of miracles? Or is that just wishful thinking? There was a point where we thought Virgil Abloh’s designs were losing their magic. But the second half of 2020 proved us all wrong with pretty awesome releases. And now, Virgil and Nike are cooking something, and it’s Read More