5 Ways to Make it BIG in Sneaker Resell

by: Tilda
October 13, 2018

5 Ways to Make it BIG in Sneaker Resell

Buying limited sneakers online may be a blood-pumping adrenaline-rushing pastime for some sneakerheads, but for others, it’s a demanding 24/7 job. Said others make their living through sneaker resell. Sometimes they’re just one sale away from paying their next rent. If you want to get into the world of reselling sneakers, here are five ways to maximize your profits and make it big in The Sneaker resell Game.

5 Tips to Improve Your Position in The Sneaker Resell Game

#1 Have a Capital 

You need to have money to make money. Start off with small releases and resell to your neighbors, friends, classmates, and people on social media. You don’t need to have too high an asking price. You can even get an authenticated shoe from StockX and resell it to people you know for a $20-$50 profit. However, you MUST save up money in order to increase your copping power for big releases. If you can take a loan, do it. If you can borrow money, do it. The more money

#2 Focus on Copping Sneakers At Retail

Most of the stock on popular sneakers gets sold out in minutes. This means you need to have the right tools to ensure you cop on release day. While sneakerheads may be running ONE sneaker copping tool, you can step it up by running several sneaker bots. Imagine if you rent a couple of different servers to run different bots on them. You’ll increase your chances of copping multiples by a lot!

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#3 Know Your Stuff

Even if you’re not hyped about a sneaker, doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. To make it big reselling sneakers you need to get to know the sneaker world in depth. Make a habit of reading sneaker news websites that look for trends. Make time to read comments on Twitter and Instagram. Understand how the stock level affects sneaker resale prices. Understand the hype behind collabs, like Off White Nike. Learn the story behind the sneakers and learn how to determine hype. Hint: Exclusivity is key.

#4 Go the extra mile. Literally.

Keep a lookout for event-exclusive drops. Go Sneaker Cons, Nike events, Adidas events like 747 Warehouse Street. Go to concerts where merch can drop like Justin Timberlake’s Air Jordan 3 dropped in his Man of the Woods pop up. Travel to France if you have to, just like some dude did to get the Chanel PW NMD Hu which is now selling for a minimum of $9,000 USD on StockX.

Reselling sneakers from events is the BEST way to make money, especially if they will ONLY drop via events. Be sure that you don’t hold on to those sneakers for too long since brands may plan on officially dropping them. Hint: Networking at these events is key (you’re not there for the free food and drinks).

#5 Set up your reselling platforms to build credibility

Reselling sites and consignment shops are popular among resellers. However, some like Stadium Goods and Flight Club can take up to 20% profit. StockX and GOAT can take up to 15% of the profit. EBay, though not always reliable, can take up to 10%.

These are useful since they are trustworthy. Therefore most of the sneakerheads will go to those sites to guarantee they’re getting the real thing. However, there is a lot of competition for them. And you’ll make less profit through them than by selling on your own.

You can avoid giving up a cut of your profit by setting up shop on social media. Instagram is a great place to start. Share useful information regarding drops and high-quality pictures of a lot of lusty shoe images, like @randygalang and @solebyjc. You can make a matching Facebook group/page for your “digital store”. If you have a couple extra dollars, you can even boost some posts to get your name recognized.

Eventually, you can even make your own website. Keep in mind that it will take time, but it’s worth it!


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